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    Note: “nationalist” is usually a fancy term used for Arab racist attacks.


    ‘The attack, the escape and the suicide: the route of the terrorist from Holon’

    Or Heller, Eli Senior, Dor Cohen, News 13. September 21, 2022:

    …this morning (Wednesday), at 07:14, the terrorist Musa Sarsour, who murdered the late Shulamit Rachel Ovadia, was found lifeless, after taking his own life, in an event that began 17 hours earlier. In the exclusive documentation obtained by News 13, you can see that yesterday at 16:00 a 28-year-old Sarsour from the Qalqilya area was seen wandering in the kiosk next to Ovadia’s house.

    He enters, takes the bottle of beer and drinks from it. After a while, he notices four men and people speaking Arabic. He chooses to leave the supermarket on his way to the scene of the murder, so he meets 84-year-old Shulamit Rachel Ovadia and carries out the fatal attack. Before the murder, Sarsour was seen walking down the street leisurely – apparently he had already planned the brutal murder of the elderly woman.

    Only about 50 meters separated the store from which the terrorist left and Shulamit Ovadia, who at the time was on her way back home from holiday shopping. What she doesn’t know is that at those exact minutes the terrorist is waiting for a casual victim. At around 4:15 p.m. he recognizes Ovadia, and with unimaginable cruelty he hits her with an iron rod repeatedly, hitting her head and face until she loses consciousness.
    Sarsour fled the scene and left her sprawled on the floor.
    One of Ovadia’s neighbors located her and called the Magen David Adom teams. They arrived at the scene at 16:24 and after unsuccessful resuscitation attempts, they pronounced her dead. At first, the suspicion was that the murder was on a criminal background, but about an hour after the body of Ovadia was found, the assessment that it was a nationalist murder grew stronger…
    Although the cruelty is nationalist cruelty, the security forces do not remember a similar incident in which a lone attacker murdered a person, took a bus and a few hours later hanged himself in the heart of Tel Aviv.

    Sam Klein

    Let’s all wake ourselves up finally from living in Denial and FACE REALITY. we all know the honest truth that with Hashem “there’s no such a thing as coincidence” and everything was already carefully planned out directly by Hashem long before this terrible tragedy happened.

    Let’s all start waking up now and return to Hashem for Rosh Hashanah with serious Teshuva and Achdus together ASAP so these tragedies don’t ever need to happen again C”V


    We need to make Tshuva, yet, the cruel anmalistic evil on that side by their education system. No matter what. And the vast contrast is actually a סנגוריה on כלל ישראל.

    ראו, מה בין בני לבן חמי.


    Let me let you in on a secret from the bnei yishmael side of the story…. Just like we have a mitzvah to destroy Amalek…. So too the Palestinians bnei yishmael believe they have a commandment to destroy Jews cause there’s a passuk in their bible that says “there’s a rock behind you kill him” they are raised from birth to believe that the word rock in that sentence is referring to a Jew.

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