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    I also have issues keeping shabbos, but that has not stopped me from trying really hard to do so, occasionally, I will accidentally rip toilet paper, but I feel like I can’t possibly be the only one with that kind of difficulty.



    wut is this I don’t even



    An Orthoprax is an Apikores. End of discussion. His Mitzvos are worthless and he has no Chelek in Olam Haba. (In fact, R’ Moshe has a T’shuvah that says that someone like this who makes a Bracha is actually Over on using Shem Shamayim Levatala because his Bracha is worthless.)



    The fact that you do 612 out of 613 mitsvos, or even 1 out of 613, does not exempt you from the rest. The you fail to do one mitsva is not a heter for skipping any of the others. In our tradition, you are rewarded for what you do, and punished for those you don’t. This is unlike some of our neighbors who hold that there is a weighing and you are either “saved” or “dammed”.

    For example, even if you are actively engaged in murder, theft, adultery and violating Shabbos – you are still required to honor your parents (or for that matter, sending away a mommy-bird before grabbing the baby – traditionally considered the easiest mitzva in the Torah).



    Snowbun, don’t put yourself down. Don’t equate accidentally ripping toilet paper with having issues (Ch”V) keeping Shabbos. First of all you said it was accidental. In addition there are issues of kavod habriyos here, and in certain extenuating circumstances it would be permissible- just STAY AWAY from the perforations, and rip messily in middle of the tissue. Please do not take my advice and act upon it; speak to someone more learned than me, preferably your LOR. Occasionally by accident ripping a hangnail or turning on a light does not mean you are having issues. I’m sure you believe in your heart that keeping Shabbos is extremely important. As long as you give it your best shot and truly want to do it right- you’re doing fine.





    An Orthoprax is an Apikores. End of discussion. His Mitzvos are worthless and he has no Chelek in Olam Haba.

    I just love it when a person decides he knows what God is thinking. Oy.



    Takah: The Gemara, Rmabam, and Shulchan Aruch told me what God thinks about someone who doesn’t believe in Him.



    I just love it when a person decides he knows what G-d is thinking. Oy.

    You talking about Sam, or about Rav Moshe Feinstein?



    My dear takahmamash, There are many things Hashem told us and is written down and we thus know what He thinks. This is one of them.



    Rav Moshe could have been talking about a Die hard Atheist vs someone who has doubts whom the OP is referring to.

    I am sure hashem knows the difference



    I just love it when people pretend its a complete mystery what Hashem wants from us. You know, we did get a pretty specific set of instructions at Har Sinai.


    So a person that is an atheist or just an agnostic doesn’t get schar for the other mitzvos kept while maintaining such a worldview? You may as well give up on all halacha if you don’t believe in Hashem…doesn’t sound too reassuring to an OTD when and if s/he reaffirms belief in Hashem.



    Snow bunny: mistakes happen, and perfect people do not exist on this earth. Totally not believing in Hashem chalila, is far from similar to tripping up.

    This does not exempt us from trying harder, and with most Shabbos “mistakes” you can institute “fences” so that they don’t reoccur. Changing out the tissues, covering light switches, putting away muktzah stuff etc. are good ideas to implement for everyone, especially those that are not “in the habit” yet or absent-minded. Hatzlacha!

    As a side note, did anybody find the “aveirah” video done by yeshiva bochurim, presumably for purim, offensive? Before reading the details I thought it was done by otd guys.


    And how about a FFB who loses belief in G-d by accident? (By reading something, listening to an atheists-theist debate, etc.) What is his/her standing with halacha? Would they be considered a tinok sh’nishba in regards to Anochi Hashem?

    Sometime you simply can’t unhear logic or unlearn a concept…would this put them at fault?




    Good enough for what?

    Having doubts about the existence of our Creator is not a reason to stop doing mitzvos. And if a person is harboring doubts but doing all the mitzvos, that is not a reason for him to leave the community.


    Snowbunny- Keeping shabbos is a matter of not doing melacha, not believing in G-d would be a matter of psychological nature. A lot easier to prevent action (in terms of not performing melacha) than it is to create a belief in something one simply doesn’t believe in.



    Mitoch SheLoh Lishma, Bo Lishma. Hopefully this person can come to be following the 10th dibbur too.


    zahavasdad- I wasn’t referring to a “die-hard” atheist, however a person that has researched the topic extensively, but to no avail (so they doubt their non-belief not at all). S/he wants to see Hashem there, but just cannot.

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