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    I remember thinking what a beautiful day it was that morning. And my sis announced that today was her birthday. Around 9 AM, my class heard siren after siren without let up. We didnt know what was going on until the principal announced it on the loudspeaker. Everyone was pretty much flooding the payphones to call home and get the details. I watched it on TV, the towers crashing down. All was so surreal. Not something we would ever imagine to happen.

    My heart goes out to the innocent souls who were taken too young and to their innocent families.

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    I turned on the radio at 9 AM expecting to hear a light talk show. The morning news team was on instead and they sounded very serious. I don’t remember whether I heard it on the radio or heard the news when my mother called a few minutes later. I was horrified and scared. From where I live in Brooklyn, I could see the smoke coming from Manhattan. It was very scary. The day is very somber to me because of all those deaths and also because the whole world changed on September 11.


    GumBall: A girl in MY classes father was supposesd 2 go on the flight tht crashed in 2 the twin towers but forgot his teffilin in the hotel and went back and missed the flight!! look at how hashem is so good to us!!

    So it’s NOT a “Jewish urban legend”? Can you share some details? TIA.


    ayc- thanks for that inspiring post! 🙂


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    I still can’t believe it was 15 years ago!, I still remember it like it was yesterday

    Mi was in mesivta high school in Boston (where the planes took off from) and days afterwards remember hearing planes during shiur, thinking that they were government planes

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    Re: mikehall’s post from 5 years ago

    What shocks me is how quicly the world seems to have forgotten….

    And now 5 years later there’s an insecure mattress commercial about it promoting a 9/11 mattress sale

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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