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    I have heard that the reason we drink 96% alcohol on Simchas Torah (for those of us who can – don’t fool around with it if you can’t handle it) is that it is keneged all 4 of the big 4 – I mean the arba misois beis din, and therefore a way to be mechaper any leftover avoinois from Hoshana Rabba:

    Skila – you get stone drunk

    Srefya – it burns going down

    Hereg – that stuff can kill you

    Chenek – you can’t breathe for a moment until it goes down

    Has anyone else heard this? 🙂

    Dr. Seuss

    Why not 99%? The slogan on the streets these days are “We are the 99%!”


    actually – hereg because it makes your head fly off!


    LOL! Like a lubavitcher needs some sort of reason, remez or vort in order to drink!! LOL! A gantz yor freilech!

    L’Chaim yidden, L’Chaim!!


    I feel like that is just a ridiculous excuse/maybe, maybe a Limud Zechus on those who get wasted on Simchas Torah.


    cuz it works the fastest. thats the only reason a sane person would allow that stuff in their body.


    Remember, drink responsible. To much can permanently effect you. Can cause liver damage.



    fyi the reason why in the yeshivishe velt the oilam is noiheg to drink is bacuase back in lakewood by Rav Shneur Kotler z”l they used to drink

    old man

    99% does not exist. Alcohol cannot be distilled to a concentration greater than 96%.

    When one wants to drink alcohol in large quantities, rationalizations abound. There’s nothing Jewish about getting drunk.


    MC: “Drinking” is very different than getting drunk. See the Rambam numerous places in the Moreh Nevuchim and the Beis Yosef in Siman 694 I believe.


    old man-thats dumb. rabbis did it. big ones. who wrote lots o sefarim.so thats dumb.


    There is no justification to drink in excess on Simchas Torah. I know of a Shul where the Rov hands out a drink every time you go around and pass him. I’m not talking once every ????, I mean that that if you circle the shul 9 times a ????, you receive 9 shots. The men are vomiting and/or sprawled out over the floor. It’s disgusting, repulsive and a real Chillul Hashem!


    Confusing Simchas Torah with Purim is a well established minhag of the Am HaAretz. Bnei Torah don’t need ethanol to get high on Torah.


    I heard a shout from Rabbi Avigdor Miller in which states that the minhag in Lita was to get drunk on Purim and Simchas Torah.

    However I don’t believe the minhag is to become dangerously drunk, rather a little tipsy.


    The only time a Jew should get shikur drunk is on Purim.


    I mean that that if you circle the shul 9 times a ????, you receive 9 shots. The men are vomiting and/or sprawled out over the floor. It’s disgusting, repulsive and a real Chillul Hashem!

    That is ossur. That rov should be put under supervision on Simchas Torah and not allowed to run hakafos in his own shul. Knowing what you can handle, maybe going just a bit past it and singing and dancing as your inhibitions melt away is fun and amounts to elevating the mashke. Vomiting or rowdy behavior is ossur. Anyone who knows he will end up that way if he drinks should not touch mashke even on Purim, and any rov who encourages that is far, far out of line. Most rabbonim know who can handle 9 shots and who can’t, and sometimes they warn the guys who can to keep a very sharp eye on the mashke (especially the strongest stuff) and never to let it get into the wrong hands. They also know not to let the 9 shot guys get much past 10.


    While some find mystical significance in the “minus 4%,” having it represent the kappara gained in trying to drink it, I think it represents “Sekila, Sereifah, Hereg, VaChenek,” all of which one can easily become chayav for as a result of getting drunk.


    Stuck: Chas Veshalom. A Jew should never, ever get completely drunk.

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