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    What should teens be doing in their free time? For example long motzei Shabbosim, when hanging out is hock and staying home is not an option
    Specifically for girls, why is it considered “a look” to be out past dark
    Should the pizza stores be reserved for the boys? Separate hours..? Lol

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    What do you mean by ‘hanging out is hock’? And no, they should all be in the pizza shops together, maybe it’ll solve the shidduch crisis 🙂

    ☕️coffee addict


    Ask a girl from Baltimore I think the star k specifically says restaurants shouldn’t be open on motzei shabbos so what do they do?


    “Ask a girl from Baltimore I think the star k specifically says restaurants shouldn’t be open on motzei shabbos so what do they do?”

    Places in Baltimore certainly are open on motzei Shabbat. What, you think people can’t go out and get pizza if they want?


    My teenage grandchildren often go bowling Motzei Shabbos. No pizza shops to hang out in here OOT

    Shimon Nodel

    Build a backyard bonfire, have a BBQ, a kumzitz
    Or have a treasure hunt

    Shimon Nodel

    The Torah only listed non kosher birds because most birds are kosher. Most pastimes are kosher, so just count the ones which aren’t

    bored_teen 💕

    Talk on the phone with a friend, babysit, study for tests/do homework, spend time with family,etc. The list is endless.


    Shimon….mah inyan shmitah etzel har sinai

    I could just as easily say that the Torah only allows one type of insect, so only specific pasttimes are allowed


    Learn Torah! there shouldn’t be anything else on our minds!
    We’re so busy with trying to find other things to do but learn Torah that’s the problem!
    And YES a girl can learn chumash with Rashi ramban etc.
    There’s also some other mitzvos a girl can do.
    Bottom line: we’re so far away from Yiddishkite and that why we’re looking to entertain ourselves
    Hashem should help is all.
    Wer all good don’t get upset about this it’s just a piece of mussar to accept and better ourselves

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    That’s all nice and good, but it wasn’t the question.


    what does hok mean?

    Shimon Nodel

    Avirah, that’s the difference between you and me.

    And by the way, haven’t you ever heard of סימן וסיבה? Do you really think grasshoppers are the defining method for pastimes?

    Shimon Nodel

    CL, this is Torah. We are discussing היתר ואיסור.

    And stop banging a nail into everyone’s heads. People are allowed to be human. This is why people turn to lashon hara, because people like you tell them they aren’t allowed to do anything whatsoever.


    Here are some kosher pastimes ideas:

    Coin collecting
    Stamp collecting
    Candle making
    Card playing
    Doll collection
    Drawing, painting, art
    History studying


    Shimon, i wasn’t saying i think that – i was saying that the same way one can make a comparison to birds which is unfounded, one can make an equally unfounded comparison the other way to insects. Neither is valid because “mah inyan shmitah etzel har sinai”, as the expression goes – goyim would say you’re comparing apples and oranges.


    Chess was already mentioned. R Feinstein played as a kid, but stopped at age 9 as he felt e is wasting time from learning. chess has extra benefit comparing with other games: if you all devote about same time to the game, then it is a fair measure of how smart each of you are. In our time of everyone being above average, it is healthy to know how good you are at thinking.

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