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    No really, hear me out.

    Everybody thinks deBlasio is the dumbest person on earth. After all, he always seems to say and do exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time. And against all odds, his decisions just seem to keep getting worse. Letting rioters rule the streets while outlawing the opening of stores will be hard for even Bill to top, but I’m sure he’ll do his best.

    But I think this man really does have a plan. I think he’s really a closet conservative who’s out to show the world just how disastrous it would be to implement all of these ridiculous liberal policies, with added benefit of utterly destroying every single facet of that center of liberalism known as NYC. I’m telling you, this guy is a brilliant double agent.



    Welcome back! I was wondering where you’d disappeared to.


    Dear 29.
    He became a double agent.


    mw13 ,

    For sure, he is playing 4D chess. He only acts in a way that makes you suspect him of being a double agent for the conservatives because you think it makes the liberals look bad. This allows him to implement all the liberal policies However, the truth is he doesn’t care if he is hated. He truly believes in the liberal policies.

    He delivered universal pre-K and expanded paid sick leave, reduced stop-and-frisk policing, and oversaw the city’s $15 minimum wage hike.
    He repealed a requirement that mohel’s inform parents of the risks of metzitzah b’peh and he is closing Riker’s island.
    The clincher that he is playing chess is that he has a strained and combative relationship with NYPD during the looting and protests against police brutality.


    Very similiar to Dinkins and mat result in Repulicans winning themaor’s office


    The reality is that he looking for some way to leave office 18 months early without seeming to be slinking away with a well-deserved reputation as the greatest loser in NY political history. I checked the NYC code and State constitution and did not find any provision providing for removal of a mayor from office in the same manner as the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides for removal of POTUS for physical or mental incapacitation. Fortunately, the late night talk show hosts will have him around to ridicule until 2022.


    just at the expanse of peoples lives

    Someone in Monsey

    His only brilliance is in leading New Yorkers to believe in his empty rhetoric so that he can institute his insane policies. He’s been completely brilliant at ruining New York City. He makes David Dinkins look like an amateur – and New Yorkers like chumps.


    GHT, Cuomo can fire de Blasio. That is the only way he can be got out of office early.

    But then Jumaaaaane Williams becomes mayor. That would be going from the frying pan into the atomic furnace.


    Actually De Blasio has done an excellent job of getting all New Yorkers to finally agree on something. He has something to hate from every perspective, left wingers, right wingers and even hard core anarchists can all find something to dislike about him. Who would have ever thought he would be such a unifying figure?


    Without going into his kev ed l if anti Jewishness in his personal feelings… or with whom he associates with which influence these feelings, he seems to be plain childish. The vengeful post Apr-29 levaya next day attack exclusively on Jewish areas with his police issuing citations en-masse, or his infantile behavior vis-a-vis parks fighting with innocent kids…

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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