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    the lubavitcher rebbe Ztls 120th birthday is in a couple months. regardless of a select few of his suposed (not actually) folowers, he was an amzing tzadik who did a lot for klal yisroel and started massive kiruv camaighns that heped bring tens of thousands back to yidishkeit and was instrumental in world jewry today esicially outside of e’y and america. If we all send an email to the google doodle email address we can get the lubaitcher rebbe on. please dont bring hate to this thread,


    whats the email


    There’s no reason to give a hoot about the “Google Doodle”.


    Are there any figures of note to whom we ascribe significance to their birthday? Moshe rabbeinu is one, but do we know the birthday of literally any other tzadik?

    Why is there no mesorah for acknowledging birthdays before the last lubavitcher rebbe? My rebbeim often said that the only person’s birthday mentioned in the Torah is Pharaoh…hamayvin yavin.

    We acknowledge yahrtzeits. Why? Because that is the day that the tzadik had finished his accomplishment and was “niftar”, which means dismissed…not death as we usually think of it. We are sad when we lose a tzadik because we need them, but after time we use that very day as a celebration of their achievements…. Avrohom avinu was “bah bayamim”, he had come with his days, meaning he brought all of his days – every one of them was equally valuable, used to their fullest potential.

    We don’t find a significance in general to birthdays. I’d suggest that moshe’s birthday is noted by chazal because it was a venoihapachu from haman’s goral; a way of Hashem toying as it were with haman harasha.


    Perhaps we should get moshe rabbeinu’s birthday acknowledged by Google instead, since his is the only birthday chazal see fit to tell us about


    > the only person’s birthday mentioned in the Torah is Pharaoh

    I heard it from Chabad speakers also, so they are not against.

    I agree on voting Moshe in, also because yohrtzeit is same as birthday. Could we do it twice a year for Adar I and II?


    always ask quesytions and aviradearah its a great idea but they wont excet it unless its in past 400 years besides thell turn it into a Christian thing, and they might start doing people from the new testimat ch’v.


    avira, the only reason im doing this for the lubavitcher rebbe is because he made a big deal about birthdays.


    Dear google doodle, 
    On April 22nd it will be the rebbe’s 120th birthday. The Rebbe was not only a leader for jews but helped guide anyone who seeked his guidance including, President Ronald Reagon, congressmen and congresswoman, mayors and simple people despite the fact that he did not hold a political position. The Rebbe had time for anyone regardless of stature or influence. The Rebbe spent countless hours dealing with simple people who requested his advice in both spiritual and physical scenarios. The rebbe’s Hebrew birthday (the 11th day of the month of Nissan) falls on april 22nd this year and is marked by his followers as a day marked for reflection and a day to focus on education. In 1982 President Ronald Reagen made a proclamation that the rebbe’s birthday would be a day of reflection for that year. Although the Rebbe is no longer physically with us, his legacy stays with us and God willing will continue to help the world become a better place for us and our descendants. We thought in order to respect the rebbe’s achievement during his lifetime it would be worthy to have his 120th birthday honored on the google homepage as a google doodle. Thankyou for taking the time to read my request.


    Aaq, that’s interesting because the last lubavitcher rebbe, i am told, said to acknowledge birthdays… Maybe he didn’t go so far as to making parties

    The gemara says that there were amoraim who made celebrations of their 60th birthday because it meant that they had been spared the punishment of kares.


    Let vote for Reb E after all he is the CR of the CR and we need to support our own

    Yabia Omer

    You guys are Mitpalpel too much. Some kind of Brooklyn neurosis. GH just had a nice simple request. Just go with the flow.


    Certainly, everyone (except the big time resident Misnagdim)will acknowledge that time expended in having the Rebbe memorialized in the form of a Google Doodle cannot in any way be characterized as bitul torah. (As an alternative team-building effort for those misnagdim with time on their hands, consider supporting the effort by Gov. Noam in South Dakota to have the profile of a mysterious orange blob added to Mt. Rushmore).


    My understanding is that Rav Schneerson ZT”L once spoke about how birthdays are important, so amongst Chabad celebrating birthdays is a big deal.

    But why him on Google as opposed to hundreds of other Jewish figures who have done far more for Yiddishkeit and the world, like maybe the RAMBAM, or Rebbi Akiva.

    ☕️coffee addict

    “Perhaps we should get moshe rabbeinu’s birthday acknowledged by Google instead, since his is the only birthday chazal see fit to tell us about“

    Midrashim say when Yitzchak was born, the shevatim, and Dovid hamelech, just to name a few

    Reb Eliezer

    The Midrash says בשעה ששמעו ישראל אנכי ה’ אלקיך אמרו ברוך שלא עשני גוי by kabolas hatorah when the Jews heard, I am your Hashem your G-d they answered, blessed be He who has not created me a goy. Why not say שעשני ישראל in the positive, He made me a Jew? It should have said, I am Hashem your G-d who created you not took you out of Mitzraim? We know the Beis Hilel say that it would have been easier not be created and therefore the Jews hearing that made a negative blessing for not creating me as a goy. The Meharsha explains that being not born would have been easier as they are 365 negative mitzvas being kept by not doing anything by not being born compared to 248 positive mitzvas when born.

    Reb Eliezer

    Tosfas in Eruvin (13,2) on the above argument between Beis Shamai and Beis Hilel says that for a tzadik, ashrei lo veashrei ledoro, good for him (being born) and good for his generation. With this I explained why at a wedding we make a blessing yotzer haadam, thanking Hashem for creating a man and the second brocho for a woman. As they are forgiven their sins at the day of their wedding, they become tzadikim, so the above Tosfas applies.


    Its a cute idea but if you really want to give the Rebbe a birthday present, you can do some extra learning in honour of it.
    Your birthday is the day that Hashem decided that the world cant go on without you. The Rebbe instituted the 10 birthday minhagim to acknowledge this.
    If anyone is interested, they are:
    1. Make a farbrengen
    2. make a shehechyanu
    3. men have an aliya
    4. say your new kapitel
    5. daven with extra kavana
    6. give extra tzedaka
    7. say over a maamar
    8. learn something extra
    9. make a cheshbon hanefesh
    10. reach out to another jew.

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