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    There is a US Senator

    In office for only three months

    A Princeton Debate Champion

    A true conservative.

    He took down already:

    David Dewhurst,

    Paul Sandler.


    As the waving US Flag


    He inherited chairs

    On Senate Committees

    And Outshone.

    He stood before

    And took them on.

    For the Constitution,

    For Israel,

    For the Jews,

    For America,


    By One

    Chuck Hagel

    Dianne Feinstein.


    Born in Canada,

    He cannot

    Be President.

    He is

    Ted Cruz.


    He actually probably can become president.

    Some interpret ‘natural born citizen’ to mean that their parent was born in the US, even though they weren’t. Ted Cruz also recently renounced his Canadian citizenship. He also has made some under-the-radar appearances in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina (the 3 first primary states in 2016).


    As conservative as I am, and as much as I would love for Cruz to become president, if he were a democrat I would go crazy if he ran because he wasn’t born inAmerica. I couldn’t believe Obama became president and he wasn’t born here either


    Enough with the birther nonsense. It’s realllly getting old.


    I never understood the whole “Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.”

    Who’s to say that any American’s birth certificate isn’t forged/a fake?


    Cruz is a nice guy. He was a citizen at birth since his parents were citizens at the time (and the issue has been raised several times before). The constitution says “natural” (as opposed to “naturalized). Elsewhere it uses birth within the United States to indicate a person who can not be denied citizenship (presumably Congress could decide that Americans born abroad are

    aliens – but they have not done so).

    The issue is important to many Israelis who hold a very useful right to an American passport having been born in Israel to American citizens. They are currently natural citizens, and to not have to be naturalized in order to become citizens.


    You don’t actually need to be born in the US to be eligible for the presidency. The child of an American diplomat serving in Paris who is born there is eligible (provided, of course, he meets the other requirements) because he was a citizen of the US at birth. The same holds true for Cruz.

    The Wolf


    He couldn’t become prez w/ a goat

    or in a boat

    in a house

    or with a mouse

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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