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    for all you who pledged to disconnect for a certain amount of hours, remember todays the day to keep your promise. Hatzlacha!

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    So who disconnected today?


    I didn’t pledge but had hoped to do it anyway but kinda forgot a/ it. But now I’m thinking that didn’t we all disconnect for 3 days over yuntif? And will be doing it for another 6 days (succos too) so what’s the diff? I am not trying to be obnoxious here… Really just wondering what I might be missing!


    10 hours.


    I disconnected for three hours, but I really think they picked the wrong day to do this. They should have picked a day like Chol Hamoed when the family is actually together, not a fast day when everyone is tired and hungry.

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    3 hours (7:35-10:35)

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    my family has been saying this all along…..we just disconnected for 72 hours….what is the great accomplishment of disconnecting for 1 hour? also talk to the goyim—-we disconnect for 25 hours every week!!!!!11


    At first I asked that question also.. we disconnect every single week- Shabbos. Why do we need to now?

    the difference here is: 1. it wasn’t halacha for us to disconnect today, yet we did it anyway. 2. on shabbos and yuntiv everyone is disconnected so it is easy. Today, at least for me, it was hard because all of my friends and family were connected, while I wasn’t.

    I learned a lot from it. It was nice to not always be carrying my phone with me, even just around the house. It made me realize that when I left my phone off for 5 hours, I didn’t miss much in the world, and the emergencies that I was afraid that my friends would not be able to get in touch with me didn’t occur either.

    It’s funny because I constantly find my phone in my hand “just in case” I need to be contacted. But why? That hardly ever happens. Today made me realize that it is okay to leave my phone in my bag while out to lunch with a friend, or in my room while having dinner with the family. I B’H am not missing any emergencies.

    I hope to continue to disconnect on days where it isn’t shabbos and yuntiv.


    I did three hours.

    I was also thinking that because it was a fast it was a little harder but it probably was the best time to do it. Its the only time in AY”T that isn’t a regular work day.



    They really picked the wrong day. I don’t fast well and I needed the Internet yesterday for music and something to do.

    If I would have felt better I would have needed the Net even more to catch up on work from the three day yom tov.

    This might be a good idea for Chanukah or for the yahrtzeit of a tzaddik.


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    The difference is that yesterday everyone CHOSE to disconnect. Not like Shabbos and Yom Tov when you dont have a choice. The point is to be able to control your addictions


    the real question is, did you do what you where supposed to do with that free time and connect with others in a posative way?

    on shabbos and yom tov we are in a situation where we have to connect (eventhough some people still choose not to), but on a regular day where we have a choice, did you make that effort to connect?


    you are not forced but on Y”t you are. I remembered about it at the end of the day unfortunately but I think they should have chosen chol hamoed.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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