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    I saw a video last night which was supposedly taken at a wedding last week. The video showed a guy being arrested at a wedding in Monsey.

    Here’s what the video showed:

    A young man is standing outside a wedding hall, holding a glass of wine. A police officer is asking him for his name. He asks why, and the cop tells him he’s drinking in public (you’re not allowed to drink alcohol in the street – that’s why you might see some people with beer in paper bags, because then the bottle isn’t visible!) The guy starts arguing with the cop. The cop tells him that if he gives false information, he can be arrested. The guy responds by telling the cop that HE’S the one doing something wrong, because his car is blocking traffic. The guy ends up trying to run away from the cop, who chases him into the hall. He calls for backup, and the guy ends up being arrested. The whole time, his friend is filming it, and the guy is telling the cops that they’ll be in trouble, because he has the whole thing on video, etc.

    I don’t get it. At first, what would have happened? Probably, the cop would give him a warning, or maybe a summons with a small fine. But the guy argued, supposedly gave a false name (the cop says at one point that the guy lied about his name), and then resisted arrest by running away. Now he’s going to be in big trouble. What will he say? “The cop was against me because I’m Jewish! He must hate Jews!” No, you were just an idiot!

    The actions of this young shnook were a huge chillul Hashem. I just don’t understand what he was thinking.

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    If your concern is that it is a chilul Hashem, doesn’t it become more of a chilul Hashem when you publicize it on the Internet?


    “I just don’t understand what he was thinking.”

    Are you asking for someone here to explain it to you?

    I don’t really see the point in posting something like this.


    facts are, cop is jewish. the fine was a slap on the wrist for what they did.


    The Spring Valley code is quite clear.

    It shall be a violation of this Article for any person to consume any alcoholic beverage on any public land or shopping center parking lot within the Village of Spring Valley or to have in his possession any open container containing any alcoholic beverage for the purpose of consumption of the same on any public land or shopping center parking lot within the Village of Spring Valley by either himself or another person.

    Interestingly, Public Lands is defined as “Any highway, street, sidewalk, lot, park, playground or shopping center parking lot in the Village of Spring Valley.” yet they explicitly included the wording “shopping center parking lot” in the law.

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