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    In the civil war draft, one was allowed to hire an older soldier to serve instead of you, perhaps this can be a model and solution for the chareidi draft in Israel, if you don’t to serve out of religious concerns hire someone to take your place.


    Whom would they pay who is not already subject to the draft? If they hire someone who has already finished army service, this person would probably either a) have stayed in the army anyway without the pay, in which case why should the army accept this person as a substitute when he would already have been there or b) require a WHOLE lot of money.


    Systems that lead to a “rich man’s war and a poor’s man fight” usually end badly. Historically Jews paid a special tax to be exempt from military service (this wasn’t optional, we had to pay the tax, and weren’t allowed to bear arms). In country’s where the population support the war, rich people go to the military (cf. George Bush the first using his father’s clout to become the youngest pilot in combat (he was below the minimum age), John Kennedy using his family’s clout and what probably was some fraud to become a combat office when he should have been at most a “jobnik” since he was clearly physically unfit for duty). The both the frum elites and many of the secular elites in Israel avoid military service suggests the country probably is doomed in the long run.

    Added complications in Isarel are a significant minority of hareidim opposed to the war since they consider the zionist attack on the Arabs to have been contrary to halacha, plus the majority of zionists believe they can use the army to convince most hareidim to become less religious. These are not issues anyone is likely to compromise on. Draft evasion by secular elites in Israel is also common, and is serious since they tend to have skills sets the military needs (unlike yeshiva students).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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