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    Dems are all excited about winning the house, especially know-nothing Cortez. Much talk about who will be speaker…and yet, they’re going to be useless for at least two years.

    Trump never looks happy.

    2020 will be the Year of the Independent.

    Trump could and should fire Mueller.

    Reb Eliezer

    Why fire Mueller if he has nothing to hide?


    laskern: Would you be okay to have a prosecutor appointed to investigate you for the next 18 months? I’m sure you have nothing to hide.


    If Trump first Mueller it would be an admission that Trump engaged in impeachable offenses. It would have the same effect as the “Saturday night massacre” in 1973. Trump’s best strategy for re-election would be to focus on showing the anti-Trump were on a witch hunt, and to make the “own” anything that goes wrong (see, the economy tanked, because you wouldn’t listen me but went into “resistance” and abusing rights). Trump will want to argue that Mueller’s witch-hunt threatens anyone who expresses politically incorrect views. He can discredit the Democrats charge that Trump is a Russian “manchurian candidate” by asking the Congress for a massive appropriation to assist the military in opposing Russian expansion.

    The above is what is making many Democrats concerned, since much of their caucus is in “reistance mode” with a heart set on impeachment, and they remembered what happened in 1998 when the Republicans decided Clinton impeachable and the country didn’t agree.


    Trump would fire Mueller, if he didn’t have deep state bots in his administration.


    Is it me or 1 who’s uninformed about the use of the term “bot?”

    Neville ChaimBerlin

    “Why fire Mueller if he has nothing to hide?”

    Because generally in the history of mankind, you investigate a crime to find the perpetrator. You don’t investigate the person you want to be a perpetrator in search of a crime.

    Another note, Mueller has ruined tons of lives in the past convicting innocent people. This is all well-known, common knowledge, not Alex Jones stuff. If somebody is targeted for his political beliefs by a prosecutor known to put innocent people behind bars it should be enough to scare you. The fact that they have decided to keep looking until they find (i.e. fabricate) something because they haven’t found anything on Trump yet should scare you.

    Reb Eliezer

    What tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

    Reb Eliezer

    If there is smoke or something smells you want to know where it is coming from.

    ☕️coffee addict


    We know where it came from


    And while I mentioned her name did you want to know so much about her emails?

    Reb Eliezer

    The fish smells from the head.


    You’re a big talmid chochom.
    And as such, it’s surprising that you don’t have the tvias eyin to see the corruption & shameless sheker on the other side.
    The program$$$$$$ , ie… shoichad…. has blinded your eyes to their nefarious agenda..
    Hopefully, you’re not a Dayan…. But I’ll acceot your perushim and psiktas on other subjects… Don’t take this personally, you’re altogether a good man..


    great news!!! some more points!!!!!

    comments on news articles are always the same: rt/amil zola/godolhadorah/crazykanoi: Trump/Drumpf/Trumpkoff is terrible (rt: “degenerate lying adulterer”) Mayer Freund: “Trump take your pick: 1. Fake news 2. Blame Obama.”
    Coffeeaddict, not getting involved, moshe in golus: Trump is great.
    Akuperma: 1. Dems will lose by impeaching trump 2. Hush money isn’t an impeachable offence

    CNN poll announces Trump is the most popular president in modern times. Early Purim this year!!!

    Bernie Sanders/Astoria Cortezwould be an awesome ticket. Problem is they might win!


    Breaking: UNRWA condemns Palestinians for the murder of a baby in the shooting attack near Yishuv Ofra.

    I missed that article. Can anyone post a link to it???????


    HEllo, everyone, you’re looking at the analysis of Participant.

    I’d like to divert everyone’s attention to the 2nd comment on this news article. https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/general/1644991/unconstitutional-texas-judge-strikes-down-obamacare-gop-put-in-a-quandary.html.

    The reason I’m posting my comment here and not there is because I think @crazykanoiy speaks the thoughts of many, and my points are necessary to point out why he missed the boat.
    1. (Side point) A judge, especially a conservative, is hopefully judging what the law is and not what’s good for the country. The end. So the whole article is a complete waste of words. Whether it harms the RINOs or not, the law is the law, and it’s his responsibility to pasken the law.
    2. Crazykanoiy’s main point: Trump didn’t offer an alternate to Obamacare. HELLO??????? Obamacare is a dismal failure and repealing it is an accomplishment with or without a new plan. FTR, before Obama came around there wasn’t Obamacare.
    I have spoken.


    “Mueller has ruined tons of lives in the past convicting innocent people. ”

    Prosecutors don’t convict anyone, only the judge or jury (if there is one) can do that.

    You may not like prosecutions brought by Mueller, but don’t make false accusations.


    good point



    “prosecutors don’t convict anyone, only the judge or jury (if there is one can do that.”

    Your statement is accurate, but it is misleading. Prosecutors are the gatekeepers of our justice system. Selective prosecution allows a prosecutor to “ruin” lives by prosecuting a person for a crime that would never otherwise be prosecuted. It can also cut the other way, i.e. a prosecutor can choose not to prosecute someone that would otherwise be prosecuted. An example of this would be the horribly misguided Larry Krasner choosing to not prosecute certain alleged murderers for first degree murder. Another example would be a prosecutor going after a person for minor tax fraud in an effort to create pressure on a bigger fish.

    While prosecutors don’t convict anyone, it is utterly naïve to think that they are an extension of lady justice. They are the gatekeepers of the justice system and they can keep someone out, or force an otherwise “normal” person in.

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