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    On A Hopeful Note

    Are you really out there?

    Can you really be?

    Is there really someone

    Laughs when I laugh

    Cares when I cry

    Notices how hard

    Shuvi nafshi

    Limnuchoychi .

    Strong and tall

    Content and secure

    Cheerful and honest

    With love that is pure

    Loyal to him

    A life shared is joyful

    When souls SHINE within.

    I can manage alone

    My kids and my home

    Doing things on my own

    Hashem is so with me

    His love is rock-solid

    If not for His strength

    I’d have no “samech-daled”!

    At times I do wish

    For that miracle dream

    But ONLY if it will

    Bring joy, as a team.

    The right one, the right time

    And if not – I accept it

    This script’s up in heaven;

    I don’t need to direct it.



    You seriously have talent. I think you should start writing (and get paid for it) for a frum publication if you are so inclined and have the time. I’m sure your articles and poems would be a hit.


    Beautiful. It has a Shir haShirim feel to it (the first part at least). May you be zoche to meet your one and only soon!


    Thanks….I have sent my stuff ’round the world but lately, the only place that accepted my articles was The Jewish Press. I got more articles published as a twenty-two year old!Lots of competition out there, I guess.


    Borrowed a friend’s computer for a short time to “take care of business”…just popped in here…I want to clarify that I am deeply indebted to The Jewish Press for publishing the articles I wrote, in case I sounded condescending.


    eclipse your poem is BEAUTIFUL. absolutely stunning. i once wrote something on a similar note. i started writing it at 19 and finished it when i was about 22. it kept me strong for 8 years (got married at 27). i read it nearly everyday and every night before i went to sleep. and everytime a shidduch went bad and i got hurt, i read it. i kept a copy in my siddur by shmoneh esray to remind me to daven harder. it kept me hopeful that there is that light at the end of the tunnel and my chosson was out there somewhere waiting for me. ill share with you mine. your gonna find your guy bezras Hashem very soon!

    Dearest future chosson,

    Where ever you may be

    I am waiting for you so eagerly

    Just so I can finally say

    You are special to me in every way

    Your neshama shines and sparkles so bright

    From it emanates a radiant light

    Materialism to you is no issue

    Just to be rich in torah and mitzvos too

    Flowing through your veins is a sweetness I cant explain

    A love for learning and growing to sanctify Hashem’s name

    A cheerful and pleasent demeanor, an optimistic mind

    When tough times develop the stregnth of bitachon you simply find

    With joy and pleasure you help others so selflessly

    Bringing nachas to Hashem and to your family

    With all your words and actions the Shechina rests

    In all your sorrows and in all your tests

    The boy you are is the girl I aspire to be

    Because you are you is the reason I am me

    In order that I can be zoche for you

    I must myself up to what you do

    It is what I have strived for these last few years

    It took alot of courage and alot of tears.

    I share with you a piece of my true essence

    For its because of you my growing has such persistance

    Its in your zechus for all the torah I learn and mitzvos I do

    There are no words that can sufficiently thank you

    We are so close yet so very far apart

    I can feel you inside me with every beat of my heart

    I am yours and you are mine

    Together our souls rightfully intertwine

    Two hearts, minds, and bodies to unite as one

    There’s so much to accomplish and it hasnt yet begun

    Eventhough we’ve never met there’s still so much to say

    I cant express how greatly I anticapate that day

    You are a priceless gift, my very own precious treasure

    Thinking of you gives me endless amounts of pleasure

    My dear chosson, oh how I wish you could know

    That you make so happy and give me such glow

    B’ezras Hashem I will make you feel the same way

    It is what I do daven for every single day

    Without you I am not complete

    But I will become whole the day we meet

    To stand with you under the chupa in perfect harmony is sheer bliss

    Devoting our lives to each other to build a bayis

    You are the only one my heart longs for

    With each passing day I love you more and more

    My love for you is for all eternity

    As we grow together in divine spirituality

    My beloved chosson, know that every word of this is true

    And it written and dedicated only to you

    Always remember how special you are to me

    From the depths of my heart…

    Your future kallah,



    These poems are beautiful, and as a single man who seeks his basherta, and has experienced much pain and sadness and heartbreak along the way, I can definitely relate to these sentiments.

    May HaShem our G-d bless all of you with simcha, with shalom, and with a sweet year, and may He lead you to your soulmates in His timing, speedily in our days.


    Mercury…Wow!! It’s amazing how similar we humans are!Really, most people are deeper than we give them credit for. I see this constantly by helping people to express their thoughts in writing. Anyway, your poem is quite beautiful, and the fact that you kept it reflects well on you husband:)

    Rebdoniel, thank you, and since brochos wished upon others tend to “boomerang” back…watch your head!!

    Shopping613 🌠




    Shopping613: Just curious which # mitzvah shopping is??:)


    well eclipse, i didnt quite marry the guy in the poem. far from it actually. nor did i become that girl i said i was gonna be. i expected alot when i was younger. i had so much expectations of the guy i wanted and the person i wanted to be and then life happens.i realized that poem takes a lifetime. so hopefully after 120 i can look back and say to my kids and grandkids it all came true. for now…theres lots of work. and marriage isnt all that lovey dovey fluffy stuff. true love takes time. we both have alot of learning and growing to do. but still in my time of loneliness it kept me strong and i am thankful Hashem gave me the wisdom and emotions to write it up.


    When the kids are chutzpadik and no one defends my honor, I think of this poem.

    Oh Shreck!

    I defend your honor. You’re the only Human around here

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