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    98 years ago, women got their right to vote. Has America been better off since?


    If anyone can identify something that would be worse off in America had suffrage not been extended to women, I’d like to hear them identify it. And I don’t mean some nebulous “ideal” such as “equal rights”, etc. On all the general national and state policies, laws and/or regulations, what would have been worse off had suffrage not been extended.


    Probably makes no difference. Most women marry men with whom they agree on politics, and most children end up reflecting their parents views, so overall the result will be the same. Some had the theory that women would be less warlike, but in all fairness during the last century women have had the vote in almost all major countries, and more people have been killed in war than in the rest of human history combined.


    I dont remember


    Switzerland was smart enough till 1971 to hold out.


    it was negative

    And if one argue that women deserved the vote ,it should have been staggered to
    weaken the blow to the Republic
    as it was for males
    Males were given the franchise
    over several generations
    finally received the vote
    for Senate
    in 1913

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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