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    a good shadchan is someone who thinks of a shidduch that noone else would ever think of…


    I wouldn’t want to date someone that “noone else would ever think of”.


    If it works?

    why not?


    more: I forgot which Rebbe it was, but: There was a Rebbe who would give money to every person who would suggest a shidduch for his grand/children. He would say that 40 days before the baby was conceived, they would call out in Shomayim, “Ploni to Bas Ploni. No, wrong one. Ploni to Bas Ploni. Not good, next…” and so on and so forth. So each time a shidduch was suggested, it corresponded to the “not good ones’ from Shomayim until the right one will come along. So each suggestion was a step closer to a shidduch.

    There was a poor man in town wo was desperate for some cash. So one of his friends suggested to him to suggest a shidduch for the Rebbe’s granddaughter and you will earn some fast cash. So, the man went to the Rebbe and suggested an outlandish shidduch. The Rebbe said thanks (but no thanks!) and Hatzlocha.

    So the man said, “but Rebbe? What about Shadchanus? Don’t you give everyone money for bringing the shidduch closer?” The Rebbe answered, “Yes, I usually give money, but your suggestion is so crazy that even in Shomayim they didn’t think about that one!!”



    popa: that was funny! 🙂

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    SayIDidIt, those kind of stories usually end with the couple getting married. 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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