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    Thought s/o might appreciate it.

    When Shaya grew older, he was placed in Yeshiva Darchei Torah, a school which integrates challenged children with healthy ones in an attempt to mainstream them.

    Perhaps on these days of sefirah, we can see the chessed we do for others as an opportunity to reach our perfection and make us shine.

    am yisrael chai

    interesting to note that Wayne Dyer refers to this frum outing in his speeches


    it’s a beautiful story – but i’ve read it before – i seem to remember someone posting it here in the cr and someone else saying that they knew the real story – was a little different, but still nice. sorry, don’t mean to take away from the story.

    it is beautiful, with a beautiful lesson. thanks! ?

    Feif Un

    binahyeseira: I wrote about the real story. I know Shaya and his family personally. Shaya does not have Down’s Syndrome, he has a different issue.

    Honestly, this story gets re-posted every few month. Mods, can you just sticky the original one, rename it “The Shaya Story”, and leave it at that?

    The whole part about the class losing and making a comeback was made up. Shaya walked by and said he’d like a chance. They stopped the game for a moment and allowed him to hit the ball. They threw the ball away each time to give him a “home run”. They didn’t lift him onto their shoulders as a hero, they just cheered for him a bit.

    The story was made popular by R’ Peysach Krohn. He embellished the story when he published it in one of his books.


    I am the one who made this story up.

    I did it for a psychology class where we had to show how stories make things real to us.

    I didn’t expect it to go viral like it has, and I sort of think I should be given royalties whenever it is published.


    pba: 🙂

    feif on: now you know that people really read and pay attention to what you write. ?


    amazing story… but now im getting deja vu…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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