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    Many people in the music industry are lost souls theres nothing else I can say. They need help and guidance. Its truly sad that they can so embarrass contestants. I saw the most recent episode and am shocked at how they clearly have no problems laughing at and hurting peoples pride. The fact is you CANT have such a show without hurting and disappointing people. Its impossible to make such a show in a mutar fashion.


    I have never actually watched jewish star so i cant really understand what everyone is saying about it but if it is a chance for jewish kids, teens and adults to showcase their talent then why not do it? yes it may be replicating non jewish tv shows but this is a chance for jewish people to show what talent they have on a jewish show and not showing it on a goyish one. some adults who want to show their talent to the world not just keeping it at shabbos zemiros but are to old for yeshiva boys choir, what are they supposed to do? sing in front of a few friends and hope everything turns out all right? or these adults can prove their talent to talented people(the judges) or even to more people than just their friends and let their talent out their. me as a girl i dont really have that many options. i dont have a yeshiva boys choir to go on, the women concerts that are out there are for grown up women. sometimes i wish i could be part of a yeshiva girls choir, but thats not happening! so instead of criticizing that the jewish star is replicating the goyish ideas lets just be grateful thats theres a jewish outlet for jewish boys, teens and adults to showcase their g-d given talent in a good way!

    wow i have never written so much on a topic before in my life!! 🙂



    Its funny how you state that we should be grateful for a Jewish outlet to showcase talent in a good way, when by your own admission you never watched the show! Who says its in a good way? No one has anything against promoting talent, the issue is the method being used.

    Aside from the kiss-up-to-reality-TV-to-a-sickening-degree thingy goin on, it’s actually a very destructive show. The contestants who do not make it get ripped apart and the judges put each other down and act in a very un-Jewish way. It’s very destructive to self esteem and teaches very bad middos to kids. It does NOT “showcase their G-d given talent in a good way” it showcases it in a horrible way. In a way that belittles the youngsters that don’t make it. Even the judges rip each other apart.

    Just a small example. In the last show one of the judges repeatedly mentions that he is missing his sisters wedding for this show (okaaaay) and the emcee (or whatever he is) tells the contestant each time, tell … nobody cares.

    So not only are they making fun of the contenders they cant even get along, promote disrespect on a show which kids watch, put a dumb talent show above important things like a family wedding, I could go on and on….this is one show your kid should NOT watch.

    Shopping613 🌠

    Dont you know its all set up first? They pick the people to put on thr show cuz theyre really good, really weird, or really bad. And then they just step on everyone. If kids REALLY want to show off talent, tbere is a contest for that- no links jewish kids got talent

    This iz By Tzivos Hashem, and you dont have to sing well.

    You have to have either a good heart (chesed)

    or perform well in wtvr you want (singinging, dancing (for boys) skits, written stories or poetry) (hand)

    or acheivment award (head) (by showing you have good sachel)

    1sr,2nd,and3rd are awarded in each catagory, live at a hall where the top ten from each catagory get a free plane ride to with one parent.

    Each winner gets a little money, and to choose an organazation that gets donated around 1000-3000 dollars deoending if your 1st 2nd or 3rd


    I’m sorry guys i didnt know so thnx 4 the clarification! i just thought that this was a place for all jewish boys to show everyone their talent but i didnt know it was presented in a horrible way! the concept is good though!!


    it had potential to be good..sickening how they embarrass people tho!


    i think we should change it around and make it good!!!!! lol

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