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    Elchonon W

    Forever and a day…
    Understanding the past.
    Crying out to be noticed
    Knowing deep down, it never will.

    Marveling at how the world
    Yearns to forget the past.

    Always, it seems, buried beneath the rubble
    Swiftly the future tramples it away
    Swept aside in the current of what’s next.

    How I want to hold on forever, though…
    Over the years I’ve learned
    Like a clock, ticking
    Everything must come to pass.

    Elchonon W

    New day, new night, nothing seems to have changed
    Inching forward or standing still, it’s hard to know
    Curious thing, unknown mystery,
    Everyone wonders, but there is no answer…

    Why does time pass on?
    Everything moving at light speed
    Turn back the clock, and you’ve gone nowhere but the future

    Passing by, unnoticed, unseen
    Under the radar, it propels you forward
    Something, though it’s not there
    Swiftly, silently, it sprints forward
    Yearning to hold your ground, but the ground moves too…

    Reb Eliezer

    עת לעשות לה’ הפרו תורתך when we make time for Hashem (meaning I stiil have time to do a mitzva), will eventually not be done. Midrash Shmuel

    Reb Eliezer

    The acronym for the six mishnayos sedorim is זמן נקט to grab on to time and don’t waste it.

    Reb Eliezer

    קבעת עתים לתורה translated to steal time for learning Torah.

    Reb Eliezer

    The reform argument is that the times have changed, but the Torah is above time. It maybe implied in איש עיתי המדברה a person going after the times, belongs in the desert.

    Elchonon W

    Thanks for your thoughts, Reb Eliezer.


    Symphony of ticking, the clock moves on-
    Undercut by the cacophony of life
    Cloudy, dazed, unable to hear it all at once
    Knocked out by the force of it all…

    Months, years, centuries pass by…
    Yet the sound remains the same.

    How it all flows forward, we’ll never know
    Understand its purpose, we never will
    Gain perspective, a futile mission
    Escape its grasp, impossible.

    Pitter patter of the rain, against the window
    Electricity pulses across the sky
    Not once did anyone wonder-
    Incidental, or a matter of continued entropy?
    Space itself cannot escape, for time binds it.


    I would generally suggest finishing a work before publishing it.

    (Are you sure you know the meaning of “come to pass?”)

    Elchonon W

    I would suggest you reread them before unloading the criticism, my good sir.


    I don’t need to reread a sentence to question the use of a phrase, and I don’t
    see how it would matter to my other point (which I didn’t think of as criticism).

    Elchonon W

    Alas, you are correct, my friend. My apologies.
    However, the underlying theme of my ramblings remains true.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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