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    Silent one thank you for sharing your story, i pray that you will soon resolve this issue and get out of your gehennom that she is putting you through, I cannot tell you not to despair but know that i feel for you and see your great strength of spirit.


    SilentOne, I’m really sorry for what you are going through and I really hope and believe that Hashem will help you. May you be zoche to many happy, depression free years. And know that you are a strong, amazing person for being able to deal with this.


    SilentOne, wow. I am so sorry for the suffering you have been going through because of your ex-wife. I have tears in my eyes. You are an unbelievable person with superhuman strength to be able to keep living, and to be able to use your situation to better understand what agunos go through. You are such a special person.

    May G-d help you with everything you are going through, may He listen to your prayers, and may He give you the strength to move ahead in life with only happiness and success.


    Silent One, this is a real tragedy. we often forget that men also suffer when a divorce becomes a reality, because we focus so much on the women. I am sorry for your pain and for the depression that played a role in causing it. I wish you happier times.


    Wow – I am so gratified by the words of Chizzuk, empathy and Your Tefillos on my behalf. It means more to me that anyone can imagine to have such support in my corner and to read such words of validation. May Hashem bless you all with great happiness, spiritual and material prosperity and unlimited Nachas from your children.


    It occurred to me that we shoudl say the Berocha of ‘R’eh Vunyeinu” (7th Berocha in weekday Shemona Esrei) with much more fervor and have in mind the sufferinG Agunot, i.e that Hashem should redeem them quickly for teh sake of His name.

    I would like to write an English prayer for Agunot as some of you have read other prayers I wrote (such as for deperately ill children and childless couples). However, in order to write such an emotion-laden prayer, I must somehow be able to put myself in the Agunot’s shoes and experience their painful emotions (to a 1/1,000,000 degree of the suffering) they and their children are going through. In order to put me into this state of mind, I need to hear stories about their horrific plight and anguish. Would someone please kindly share some stories of horror that the Agunot are going through? Don’t spare me any agony – it is high time that a prayer was written for exclsuively for their suffering.

    Thank you very much.


    Please compose a Tefila for the real “chained”, namely innocent children who are chained away from their fathers, and fathers who are not getting “parenting time” [a.k.a. visitation] which is their rightful lot.

    Unfortunately for most Agunot, most of them only have themselves to blame, for having withheld “parenting time” from we wonderful fathers, who have so much to offer to our children, using innocent children to fuel hatred.

    Every single case of an Agunah I ever came accross, the woman only had herself to blame for being an Agunah. HaShem in his infinite wisdom knew that some day in the future, there would be woman’s lib, where the courts only care about the women, and not about the men & their children, so haShem in his infinite compassion & wisdom decreeed the requirement of a Get so the innocent man would have some control on the fate of his innocent chained children.

    The Torah calls a Get a “Sepher Keriesus” a cutting off book; Consequently it is a clear cut Halocho leMaaseh that there must be absolutely no left unfinished business to take care of, before dispensing a Sepher Keriessus, and whoever so tragically misguided you silentone just to give a Get and loose your place in the Driver’s Seat, is hereby declared defrocked, and will face a frightening Din v’Cheshbon for what he did to you, when he gets to the next world.

    As for this world, get yourself a new lawyer who is competent, and meanwhile bombard this guy who screwed you up with this Get, until you get satisfaction; If need be, sue him as well.

    But remember Silentone:- Your kids will come of age, and shall never forgive their mother for screwing your relationship with them.

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