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    Very sad; 50 comments and everybody missed the boat!!

    Read the Rambam – he writes exactly how a husband must treat his wife and exactly how a wife must treat her husband.

    Then, do something no one does – read your kesubah and look in Shulchan Aruch to find out what each of you are obligated to do for your spouse and what your spouse can demand of you al pi Torah.

    Instead of all these soap opera advice givers, try learning the Torah hashkofo.


    Sorry Ralphie, I’ll add another soap opera:

    This is from research – The Seven Secrets of Successful Marriage are revealed from over 15,000 years of collective wisdom. Not mine.

    1. It takes two to Tango. Couples are we instead of me and I.

    2. There are no sacred cows. We talk about everything. No secrets.

    3. The golden rule. Always treat your spous with respect, no matter what.

    4. a) Preoccupation to try to look nice for your spouse.

    b) Preoccupation with your spouses health. I care about you.

    5. Filing joint return. Our money, not my or your money.

    6. The loving touch. Couples touch each other on a regular basis.

    7. The unboaring. Doing and finding things that make life interesting.


    I think creating common ruchniusdike goals are very important. Sort of number one here.


    so do you talk about your spouse so that your family is confident you have a good marriage? or you don’t because it can cause someone to feel bad about his/her spouse? i’m confused..


    you talk about your spouse to your parents, not siblings. your parents won’t get jealous if you tell them your husband cooked supper last night.

    also important, is when the wife is pg, its very important for the husband to have patience with her, often the nine months can be a very hard time for the wife, and her husband should compliment her regularly for running the house. the wife also has to be understanding that its hard for the husband too that suddenly his wife isnt her spunky old self. two way street, i guess. like the rest of marriage


    always listen when your spouse is talking. dont nod and let it go in one ear and out the other. ever!


    the shoresh of the ahavah is hav which means to give. giving of yourself to ur spouse makes the relationship stronger and better


    It might be a nice Vort, but to say that an Aramaic word is the Shorash for a Lashon Kodesh word is pushing it.

Viewing 7 posts - 51 through 57 (of 57 total)
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