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    In a moment of feeling desperation about my “Shidduch-less” state, I wrote a prayer asking for Hashem’s help to cope with my single-ness and to ultimately bring me the Yeshuah of finding my intended. I wish to share it the YWN readers:

    But I know that I must pour out my soul to You for so much turbulence and pain fulminates inside of me

    That it would be untenable if I would not connect with You, to grab onto the stronghold and fortress that You are to us

    For only when You are my anchor and rock, can I find meaning and strength to continue on in life

    A faint cry of pain emanates, totally not knowing where to direct itself to

    I look out in the distance wondering if somewhere You are extending Your arm to me to pull me out of my quagmire

    Are You with me in my suffering; will there ever be a time when these days of pain will have a positive perspective to me?

    To lead me onto to days of a better time, as if a gangway between the deserted island and the ship that will take us home?

    Tovim Hashnayim Min HoEchad, for when one is alone, he is deserted on an island with no happiness in sight

    Only if these days of agony are the passageway to the time when two will be one, can I bear to face tomorrow

    For when I am alone, there is no strength; the most trivial of burdens threaten to totally upend me

    How my voice wishes to join in singing Your praises on Seder night with the voice of my partner, but alas she is nowhere to be found

    Please save me from loneliness, from the pain of entering my apartment and being reminded that I am torn away from the happiness of marriage

    My meals, taken alone, are so empty regardless of what is on my plate

    How I wish for a simple fare, shared with the partner you designated for me

    To walk together with warm conversation flowing from the heart to the heart

    To discuss the beauty of being Mekadaish Shaim Shomayim with our every living moment

    Alas when I am alone, I am only half a person, like a sheep in a deserted pasture

    My life seeks the sweetness of the togetherness with another; the knowledge that come what may we are always there for each other

    That You should lead me and my intended, to each other in a most pleasant and easy way, with the knowledge and assurance that we are right for each other

    That we were made by You for each other and waiting for the other for all our lives

    Please set me on the path to be a dedicated, loving and noble partner

    To the woman that you have designated for me.

    To lend an ever-listening ear, a compassionate heart and ever-replenishing source of energy.

    To be a stalwart source of strength, stability, love and personal validation.

    That You should endow me with the desire, stamina and peace of mind to be a prodigious giver.

    And a never-ending source of joy to the partner that You shall bring me to.

    Please accept my paltry words and waning strength as I ask You to please lead us together – to under the Chupah and with unlimited strength and peace of mind into life beyond

    That we should be Mashlim each other and bring to each other great Simcha all the days of our life

    To raise our children together to become true Ovdei Hashem with all their hearts

    And that we should open our home to all corners of Am Yisroel to become a haven for the needy and those seeking happiness


    your heartfelt tefilla should be heard. hatzlocha.


    It’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


    Wow, that was really touching. So many of us feel very similar in our own way. IY”H, you will find your true Eishes Chayil at the right time, let that be soon, and give you the strength to wait until that time comes. Hashem should make it clear to you when you finally meet your zivug and it should flow with endless simcha that will build and build ad meah vesrim.



    You have a lot of depth. Keep it up you have serious talent. Hatzlacha!




    Amen!!! May you be zoche to a shidduch nachon b’karov b’soch shaar Tzeireh Yisrael. (merit a proper match soon among all the rest of single Jews)

    Pashuteh Yid

    Beautiful tefila. Never underestimate the koach hatefila. You can achieve limitless things through sincere davening.


    Thank you very much to all of those who wished me encouragement and Chizuk. May your Tefillos be answered L’Tovah, B’Karov as well.



    very beautiful Tfila, it shows that it leaves from heart…

    It reflects what people feel(boys and girls ) in the same situation, so much so that it is disturbing …

    May your tfilos be answered…

    Think first

    Silentone- may Hashem send u ur zivug hagun b’karov and may u be zoche to tons of happiness,love,companionship,success in all thay you do and be boneh a bayis ne’eman b’yisroel. Amen.


    amen, may Hashem answer your tefillot and those of all klal yisroel. and write soon to report on your engagement B’Ezrat Hashem


    SilentOne-Wow. That is so beautiful! May your Tefillos be answered very very soon!


    beautiful,inspiring i hope ur tefillos were already answered and if not they should be very soon!!


    see “unnecessary ‘quotation marks'”

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