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    As we all know, one of the more pressing problems in Orthodox Judaism today is the lack of a tune for Veyehi BaChatzi Halayla at the Pesach seder. Think of how many Divrei Torah you’ve heard on Chad Gadya, versus how many you’ve heard on Veyehi BaChatzi Halayla. I rest my case.

    I’ve noticed that Chabad tune Hupp Cossack, specifically the one sung by Avraham Fried, fits the words exactly and also matches the theme of the song. It would be a great match for VBH.

    If you want to see for yourself:

    Here is the text of VBH: http://hebrewbooks.org/pdfpager.aspx?req=11143&st=&pgnum=53&hilite=

    Here is the Avraham Fried song (mods, please let through, it’s the song on Chabad.org) – http://www.chabad.org/multimedia/media_cdo/aid/254254/jewish/Hupp-Cossack.htm

    I propose that we, as a people, adopt the tune for VBH. Let’s make the seder great again!

    catch yourself

    Of course, the seder is great…this is more about making it whole again.

    In any case, we Actually do have a nice chant for VBH, as well as for ?????? ??? ???. It’s not a tune, but it works very well.

    pro biotic

    purhapes we should send this propostition to donald trump

    he can change his motto to “make pesach zemiros great again”

    The Queen

    “In any case, we Actually do have a nice chant for VBH, as well as for ?????? ??? ???. It’s not a tune, but it works very well.”

    Us too. It’s a tradition from the elter Zeida.


    In our family we put a strong focus on the whole seder – nothing is overlooked. When my brother brings the negel vasser shisel for my father to wash his hands the whole family springs up in joyous zmiroth. Picture this: the eineklah aboard grois feter moishes shoulders, alte zaide and bubbe tapping their feet, and all present sing lazer’s niggun.

    It brings such yiddeshe nachas


    We use reb shlomos niggun for shomrim hafked and adapt it for the entire piyut.

    pro yidden

    I really recommend making animal sounds by chad gadya. It brings unity laughter and joy to the entire family. Uncle shmeil is the goat and tanta goldy is the cat. baily is always water- shpritzing water on everyone…. It gets noisy and hectic. Dont forget Zaidy’s shtickel torah on the meaning behind Chad Gadya, it keeps the kinderlach up till the very end.

    pro brooklyn

    adar-aleph, you have to be careful. you don’t for sure want to mention the cossacks at the seder. we don’t want people getting confused with the mitzriyim and the cossacks.

    i vote we change the song to “Hupp paroh digidigidigidam…” notice that avremel even included dam in the song


    Sounds like a good tune to me.

    pro biotic

    what a better way to celebrate leaving egypet then by the whole family sitting around the tableand talking about it. of course shloimy si kicking yechiel and devora is hiding the aphikomen. perhapes baila gittle is beating up chavala. but its a time to just enjoy the traditon and fun of pesach

    pro yidden

    pesach is fast approaching. since i like to spend the month before pesach reading mefarshim on the haggada and shir hashirim i finish cleaning the whole house on motzaei shushan purim. in my house we truly feel zman matan cheiruseinu as we dont work for a month before the yom tov.

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