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    The conservative line in regards to the war in Ukraine has been Biden has been itching for a spectacle in order to distract from his dismal poll numbers. Even worse was it was claimed he wanted to have an armed intervention.

    It was claimed Ukraine was 100% not our problem and we shouldn’t get involved.

    Now Biden has practically done nothing and he is being called a coward. Isn’t this what the conservatives wanted?

    Now he is being blamed for not being harsh enough, and leftist support has galvanized behind Zelensky staving off the Russians. If anything I feel like Biden has lost support on the left for not taking any serious action with NATO or the US Military. I’m very disappointed the right is only consumed with political clout rather than recognizing Biden has effectively done what they called for in the first place.


    The main point to know is that Putin felt very comfortable invading Ukraine in 2014, under Obama, and again now in 2022, under Biden. Between 2017 and 2021, under Trump, he didn’t dare invade.


    All of these acting leaders are simply messengers of Hashem to act as leaders of countrys around the world but the honest truth is that we know who us the true and real leader of the entire world from the true upper spiritual world to this temporary physical world. Hashem is the boss and ruler and already decided when a war should happen or end depending on how soon we wake up and do teshuva

    Ain poranius baolam ela bishvil yisroel…… Its all on our account and could all be avoided if we stop living in denial and accept Hashems wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together ASAP.


    But the conservatives (Republicans) and liberals (Democrats) and splitting. While it won’t be clear until the State of the Union, it appears that the centrist wing of the Democrats (Biden) is turning back to the ideals of John Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt (post 1939, after he gave up on being an isolationist) and preparing for a new (and perhaps, somewhat warmer) cold war, while the Progressives (socialists) are reluctant to give up their domestic agenda and embrace national security. The Republicans appear to be splitting, though the Trump branch (with an “America First” isolationism) doesn’t appear to have made up its mind yet and may end up rejoining the Reaganesque mainstream in support a muscular “freedom agenda”.

    In response to YungermanS: if we acted as you said then Messiach would come and we would have to come with millions of unemployed pundits, politician wannabees and self-proclaimed social media stars who would have nothing to do and would be quite annoyed with us.


    “IF we acted as you said then Messiach would come and we would have to come with millions of unemployed pundits, politician wannabees and self-proclaimed social media stars who would have nothing to do and would be quite annoyed with us”

    You neglected to mention the CR Mods whose mesiras nefesh for over a decade would all have been for naught

    yaakov doe

    At the AFPAC where Republicans Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke the other day Russia was cheered and there were chants of “Putin, Putin, Putin”. Can anyone explain this?


    >>>Now Biden has practically done nothing and he is being called a coward. Isn’t this what the conservatives wanted?

    I STILL don’t think Biden should do anything but once he got involved beforehand and spent weeks goading Putin to invade by telling us that Putin is about to do so and worse after sending US troops to bolster NATO in early February which caused an escalation of the crises his current lack of involvement is deserving of criticism.


    YaakovD: Fuentes an his AFPAC group have openly advocated for turning America into a “White Christian nation”. He is also one of the leaders of the Groyper and American Identity Movement, two umbrella groups of white nationalists who seek to normalize racism and anti-semitism and make it a part of mainstream conservative political ideology. Their admiration for Putin, Urban of Hungary and several other contemporary despots is rooted in part to their own versions of “white Christian nationalism” and embrace of extremist racist views.


    Well it is true that Biden and his propaganda left wing news machine are using this to distract us from the terrible job he’s doing. But also as a moment of Trump bad. Under Obama Russia annexed Crimea and under Biden. Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia didn’t do any of these things under Trump. Biden is now acting after the fact against Russia. If the democrats truly cared about Ukraine they would’ve done preventative measures. This is political theater for the left because they have nothing left to run on.


    Ukraine is great cover for Biden giving Iran everything they asked for. He wanted to do it, but the world wasn’t distracted enough. “Peace” will be had soon – but not in Ukraine.
    Political Scientists and lazy politicians believe war is good for poll numbers, economics, and everything else. Lazy politicians from the 1970’s running the US will keep using the failed playbook and get us as many conflicts as possible.
    Radical right wing economists believe economies run better in peacetime. They are ridiculed.


    Gadol, who are these Fuentes, AFPAC,… I don’t know whose these people are. Am I so far from R- mainstream!>


    To ujm: Permit me some idle speculation. Putin knew that if he attacked Ukraine in the first (and, it turns out, only (for now)) Trump term, it would have diminished Trump’s chance of reelection, so Putin waited. If Trump had been reelected, Putin would have attacked Ukraine, and Trump would have rolled out the red carpet by not imposing any sanctions or uniting Europe against the Russian invasion. As I say, just speculatin’.


    On Fuentes,

    That guy is so over the top I’ve been wondering if he is a FBI informant. I don’t even think he believes in what he says. I wonder if he is in place to subvert the whole white supremacy movement, in which case he is doing a great job because they all look like fools.

    MTG is the republican equivalent of AOC, a total embarrassment. She should have to answer for her utter stupidity attending such an event.


    huju, there is no proof that Putin wanted Trump to be president or that he wanted him to be re-elected.

    He obviously wanted to have a week president and, to that end, made Hillary look bad before the election. There is no proof that he knew better than all pollsters in US that Trump is going to win.
    On re-election: did we have any dirt released on Biden (other than by Hunter himself)? why didn’t Putin stole from FDA and released embargoed vaccine results?

    On policies – was he happy with T stopping NS2, stimulating oil production, posing some opposition to him in Syria, sending weapons to Ukraine? most of these immediately and predictably reversed by Biden. I just don’t see where is the case for Putin trying to re-elect T, unless Putin is over-watching MSNBC …


    Lostspark: I wish you were correct regarding Fuentes being an FBI informant or some type of “harmless” clown, but I doubt it very much. Several quite reliable monitoring groups who have investigated him and his group have affirmed he is the real thing.

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