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    Suppose you’re on a tight budget but suddenly eye a gorgeous pair of shoes.

    Do you quickly walk away and think about something else? Or do you try

    them on, thinking about how much you’d love wearing them?

    A recent study shows that fantasizing about owning the object of your

    desire could lead you down the path of addiction. Researchers studied

    how everyday desires become excessive cravings. [It t]urns out our

    overarching beliefs about desire are what make us visually imagine or

    engage in self-talk ablout the object of our desire.

    In actuality, everyday desires are transient. If we believe we can redirect

    our thoughts or control our immediate reactions, the desire passes quickly.

    But if we believe it’s okay to indulge in the dream of that desire – thinking

    about how good it will feel to wear the shoes, go on that vacation, live in that

    mansion – it leads to the belief that we <i>must<i> have the object of our desire.

    And that type of belief about desires is highly related to various types of

    addictions. -Addictive Behaviors (quoted in Family First)


    I’m not into shoes. But if I see something I like, I look at it and then walk away.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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