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    Frau Schenierer

    While Im Washing Dishes for some reason my mother or mother in Law seem to want to speak with me on the phone, i have a hard time multitasking . every time with out fail i end up with a very sore neck. is this a Shailah of Kibud of Aim or is it ok to ignore their phone calls. i feel like my relationship with them is already a bit shaky, i don’t know how worth it is to rock a boat that is already rocking.


    get a handsfree headphones mouth-mic thingy. for the sake of peace.

    pro geshmake yidden

    Your question reminds me of the mashal with the bucket of water. I think you should fax this question in to the Lakewood Bais Horaah


    How about honesty? Ma (Mommy, Imah, Mother), I am in the middle of washing the dishes and it is difficult for me to hear you with the water running. Is it ok if I call you back in 15 minutes?

    Pro schnapps

    Naaaaa. Thats too conventional.


    Excuse for not talking on the phone while washing dishes: If you drop your phone in the sink, it might explode or electrocute you.


    We’re a stick-necked people by nature. It has nothing to do with the phone. In fact, it predates the phone by millennia.


    Yehudayon – Is the healing of a stiff neck is the equivalent of poresh min hatzibbur? 🙂

    Pros and Cons

    I sense a psychological complex here. You are focusing on your days of singlehood. The user name “nee Baum” already has this focus, and you blame the neck pains on your mother in law. I ask you, was your neck never stiff when you were single? And I answer you, with some help from blubluh, that if you are an active member of Klal Yisroel, it probably was.


    Of my many meshugasim, one is that I don’t like to be disturbed while washing dishes. If MIL called, I would take the call, and return to the sink when I could give it quality time/ attention.

    pro geshmake yidden

    Pros and cons, it sound like you would make a great social worker. I don’t know if it’s halachically permissible however to give a psak like this on an anonymous forum. Honestly, I would hate to be the catalyst of our ancestor frau schneirer being insulted


    FS -“While Im Washing Dishes for some reason my mother or mother in Law seem to want to speak with me on the phone”

    Do your Machson L’Peh while you do the dishes!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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