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    I’m tempted to send bizarre and/or amazing videos to strangers.


    Depends on who the strangers are and what you mean by “bizarre and/or amazing” (R4nd0m3x).

    I do that already on a more general platform to select strangers. Mostly the videos are of cute animals.

    Great videos:
    -The puppy eating a banana with two front paws, sitting up like a human.
    -The cat swatting at a German Shepherd, who *SPOILER* then starts licking his face.
    -The puppies going around in a circle as they eat sharing one round dish of food, as if they’re on some conveyor belt.

    ready now

    please delete this thread, thanks.



    Maybe you can post all your bizarre things here in the coffee room?


    Just don’t send it to any livestock in the UK


    Any non-livestock in the UK, you mean. I wondered if you’d heard about that…
    (You can tell that person the name they think is me is actually my brother.
    Also, I hope that’s not why they don’t post anymore.)


    Maybe you can post all your bizarre things here in the coffee room?

    Not all of them are CR-approvable. Also, I like the anonymous factor (which will be
    just slightly ruined if any of them has seen this thread, but that seems unlikely).

    I’ll try to post something here, though.


    Is the UK livestock thingy an inside joke in the CR?




    What I tried to post wasn’t approved, and it was a video that teaches how to
    play a board game, so you can imagine how far I’d get with… whatever else.


    Nah, that was me. Just didn’t have the time to check it out. Although I can’t say I disagree with the probability…


    Would you have to watch the whole thing before approving it?

    depends who posted it


    Will you please explain why you wouldn’t want to send bizarre videos to livestock or non-livestock in the UK?

    I thought maybe there was a video of British cows watching weird videos out there. 💻🐄🐄🐄

    Or was it just a thing that was made up by Mod-29 for fun? 🎉


    Does each mod have their own color?


    The livestock thing is from the CR, but is not an in-joke.


    I’d really like an answer to the color question.


    If you don’t have 39/26 minutes, what about “Near and Far Review – with Tom Vasel” (20/14m)?


    Give me a few, Ill get to it


    (Note: The longer video explains the game in a manner more suited to
    the inexperienced (or anyone, really), and has better lighting and closer
    shots in which the game’s components look a lot better.)


    “Klondike Rush – How to Play” (length – 11:32)

    I think the design is fascinating, even if you wouldn’t
    be interested in playing a money-management game.


    Yesterday I shared a video of a puppy boxing one of those inflatable punching things for kids, the kind that’s like a beach ball with a weight on the bottom so it flings back.


    I just watched an amazingly powerful video of a guy who went an entire week without talking to anyone, who then met an older man who, like many of today’s elders, normally goes weeks without talking to a human being…

    The video was to raise awareness about our forging connections with are older neighbors.


    Post #1551996 gave me an urge to post incidents of cannibalism not involving murder.


    strange or not, it’s better than most. I, for example,……….


    I didn’t say that was my only temptation…


    This has got to be the weirdest thread I’ve ever read in the Coffee Room.

    Lightbrite – a good point. Some social scientists are saying that we now have an epidemic of loneliness in this country, and it’s really serious among older people. Let’s pay more attention to our elders. After all, we all hope to be elderly ourselves one day.

    (Disclaimer: I was 72 last week. 🙂


    Ad meah v’esrim!!


    “There Will be No More Lonely people… “ From the one and only MBD.

    Which brings me to how very sad and scary the rising heat related death toll in Quebec is. On so many levels.


    I continue to note potential material and targets,
    but I still haven’t sent anything to anyone.

    (I had to think about what I could’ve meant by “39/26
    minutes.” It refers to watching at 1.5x normal speed.)


    (I forgot to delete my line length reference before posting. Again. Yay.)


    Which brings me to how very sad and scary the rising heat related death toll in
    By now, I’ve sent some things to a very limited group. I wasn’t able
    to see the reactions, if any, to the point when I stepped it up a bit.
    (I also recently acquired a batch of close to 100 e-mail addresses…)


    Looks like I also forgot to post in proper chronological order;
    it’s a common effect of time travel jet lag.

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