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    Now that adirei hatorah is over it’s time for a summer of overindulgences with booze flowing, $300 steaks, spoiling kids, and men and women shmoozing a bit more comfortably than they would in their hometown in the bungalows. Are we forgetting that Israel is at war or are we carrying on as normal into another Tisha b’av? Enjoy the relaxation but don’t forget the big picture.


    sorry you are having a bad day and you just spout silliness.


    In one Chareidi neighborhood, that I will not specify to avoid Lashon HaRa,
    there is store that specializes in selling kosher wines and liquors.
    The customers of this store are almost-all Chareidim.

    Around five years ago, ONE BOTTLE of liquor in that store was priced at $500.
    Since that was five years ago, I do not know what the price is now
    for the most expensive bottle of kosher liquor.


    @SR “The WORST Sugary Drink is SODA, which contains both large amounts of sugar and ACID, which both attack teeth to cause cavities, and also attack bones. In the early 2000s, SODA was #1 on the list of foods that kill people.” and that only cost $2


    Lakewood has Bein hazmanim from Tisha B’Av till Rosh Chodesh Elul. Very few “Adirei HaTorah” types are in bungalow colonies.


    Square Root: What is so unusual for a bottle of vintage wine or artisanal whiskey, liquor etc. to sell for $500+?? Several kosher restaurants in both NYC and Tel Aviv have rare wines listed in the hundreds of dollars on the wine lists.

    Also, some Chareidim are very well off and can easily afford a$500 bottle for a special occasion and don’t need musar from social media about whether they should be wasting their money on gashmius rather than giving more tzadakah.


    So Chananya, What you’re telling me is that there is a chareidi wine store in a chareidi neighborhood that specializes in SELLING KOSHER WINES AND LIQUORS, AND THE CUSTOMERS ARE CHAREIDIM!!!?????

    Stop the presses, hold the back page!


    Spoiling kids is all year round. People are so afraid of their kids.


    Did we forget that this world is temporary and we aren’t here forever when we pursue all this ostentatious lifestyles?


    I sit on my porch watching the kinderlach play looking out for any breaches in proper conduct. With a yard stick in hand I observe & observe some more. A kid eating their 3rd icepop today, WHACK! Don’t you know the war in Israel only permits 2 ice pops a day?
    A boy playing basketball for 10 minutes, WHACK! Don’t you know the war in Israel only permits 8 minutes of basketball?
    One boy was riding by so when he got close I stuck my yard stick into his front tire. He flew like a drunk chicken & hit the ground like a sack of bricks. One thing is certain. If he ever gets released from the hospital he won’t ride his bike while Israel is at war.
    It’s been tougher lately to do my duty since I’m wearing my court ordered ankle bracelet monitor. But I am allowed to stand on my porch where I can at least use a megaphone to tell them the correct way to act.


    If all the Nevi’im during Bayis Rishon couldn’t wake up the Yidden of that time and avoid the Churban; If Chazal during Bayis Sheini couldn’t wake up those Yidden to avoid a SECOND Churban, then what makes you think YOU can?

    Sam Klein


    Lakewood changed and now doesn’t have any bein hazemanim. As soon as Tisha B’av is over they give you a Danish and start Yarchei Kallah. As soon as Yom Kippur is over they give you a Danish and give you four days to learn Masechtas Sukkah for the Yom tov of Sukkos.


    Yarchei Kallah is NOT the Lakewood oilam. BMG’S involvement is negligible.


    “Yarchei Kallah is NOT the Lakewood oilam. BMG’S involvement is negligible”

    Huhh?? BMG sponsors an annual Yarchi Kallah for all the ehrliche Litvish farmworkers in south Jersey….I can’t post the link but it says in part::

    “….Beth Medrash Govoha is proud to host its Annual Yarchei Kallah – providing the perfect setting to totally engage oneself in Torah study, and ultimately to come away with practical applications of Halachic issues that arise in contemporary times, while basking in the light of today’s Reishei Kallah…..


    @SamKlein, Danishes are som hamoves according to Square root


    I’ve been there. The summer Yarchei Kallah uses the BMG facilities but BMG hasn’t been involved for nearly two decades.

    Pinchas Butter

    It’s year-round.
    In the winter there are $800 moose-knuckle coats ………..


    @ Pinchas Butter It’s tough, first a girl has to endure the degrading shidduch process which favors the boy and then she toils as a Morah for a a minuscule salary The GOOD NEWS IS – HASHEM IS ON HER SIDE ! Ha-Elokim Yevukash Es Hanirdaf


    you would think that since chareidim (until now) were exempt from military service, they would donate 100 times the amount of time and money to the israeli charities . instead , they’re busy with $100 wine bottles. feh !


    Common Saychel: Some boys have it easier with shidduchim,
    but ONLY if they fit: a very specific age, and a very specific yichus,
    and a very specific educational background, and a very specific
    way of dressing, and a very specific hashkafah.

    I assure that many Jewish men suffer a hard time with shidduchim,
    including: short boys, fat boys, ugly boys, gairim and their children,
    Baalei Teshuvah and their children, Sephardic Jews, poor Jews,
    older men, divorced men, disabled men, and any man whose
    reputation has been destroyed by rumors.


    “I assure that many Jewish men suffer a hard time with shidduchim, including……”

    So do girls with the same negatives, but somehow, both the vast percentage of boys and girls ultimately find a shiduch unless they are truly dysfunctional and set non-attainable criteria for their beschert. Yes, there are some sad stories but there always have been and will be..

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