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    As one of the few orthodox surgeons in the tri state area I want to contest a growing issue in my field. We see many patients on a daily basis from a large demographic pool. But what we rarely see is Ethiopian Jews. This begs to bring up of the conversation- are we not treating them? Are they being left to fend for themselves? I won’t take this lying down


    with all respect, I’m not sure what point your are trying to make. Perhaps there are not that many Ethiopian jewsi in the NYC metro area and those that are having health issues may go to a different hospital than where you practice. Otherwise, your not taking WHAT in a prone position is a bit unclear.

    pro geshmake yidden

    It seems pretty clear to me
    Gadol hatorah, you’ve taken a big responsibility by naming yourself a gadol and you won’t stop to worry about the Ethiopian Jews??
    vesamachta, does your ward’s Instagram page offer a translation to Ethiopianese? That seems like an obvious first step

    anonymous Jew

    Vesamachta, how many Ethiopian Jews have been refused treatment and what is your source? I hear the same problem exists with Kenyan and Bangladeshi Jews


    Yes good point Bangladesh is hard to pinpoint

    pro geshmake yidden

    It’s all about supply and demand

    ☕️coffee addict



    Stop being a victim and just waiting take action
    That’s the problem with this generation they always rely on other ppl to butter their bagels

    ☕️coffee addict


    You’re misunderstanding me (I think)

    I’m waiting for a mod to do their job


    In other words, he is waiting for another official request to ask you to stop talking to yourself.


    Pro Geshamke….yup, a self-proclaimed gadol is always able to post such deep thoughts as “huhhh?” in response to an otherwise unintelligible OP. There are many demographics that are under-represented in our health care system (both statistically and anecdotally) that have little to do with institutional racism within our health care system.


    Even though I see the “(T)” in the thread topic I still wonder why the Moderators even approve idiotic questions like the one that started this thread.


    Strange comment…are you really a surgeon? I would think the vetting process and intellectual requirements of becoming a surgeon would likely have filtered out someone who would make a comment like that.

    Ethiopian jews are few and far between. This is hardly a growing problem in any surgical field. What is the problem exactly?? What won’t you take lying down?

    Bizarre thread!


    Maybe they just don’t get sick. Have you ever thought of that?

    Yabia Omer

    Very bizarre thread. I could understand if he was a surgeon in Israel and that was happening.

    Care to clarify doc?

    pro geshmake yidden

    I don’t understand why everyone is yelling
    You want to find me one thread on this forum that’s NOT bizarre?
    You make it sound like it’s a crime
    Or were you coming here to build trust and can’t believe that someone may have called themselves a surgeon when in reality they may be a shoemaker?


    i dont see anyone YELLING which in forums like this means typing in uppercase. Many threads are bizarre but some are not. This one starts off with a premise that about Ethiopian Jews without any any idea if there is even an ethiopian jewish community in the tri-state area.


    BTW….I finally had a chance to check with a friend who is familiar with various ethnic Jewish Communities outside of EY. She said the Jewish agency had estimated perhaps a total of 1500 Ethiopian Jews settled in North America, some direct immigrants and others resettled after initial being flown into EY during the airlifts in the late 1980s. Small pockets scattered in neighborhoods from the New York metro area to Miami, LA, Toronto and Montreal. If the ehrliche (OP) surgeon had seen “large numbers” in his/her hospital I would suspect that itself would have been a neis me’shamyim since statistically, a few medical emergencies a year in any hospital would be the norm for a community of at most, several hundred in the tri-state area.

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