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    Apparently maharat Ari Hart, associate maharat at HIR disagrees with his rebbe and senior maharat, Avi Weiss’s writing an anti Israel (The rabbinate being a function of the Israeli government) article in the NYT. (See CAMERA’s recent reports about the Slimes)

    He apparently felt the venue was not sufficiently anti Israel, so he opted to write his own piece of drivel in Al-Jazeera. He became enamored of Al Jazeera when they reprinted Weiss’s article because of its anti Israel implications. Hart wanted to do one better than Weiss. So much for mesorah.

    I a waiting to see the reprimand from HIR. This is, without a doubt, an offense that should lead to termination. Let’s see if the HIR membership can possibly do the right thing.


    ah, such nachas they must be getting

    But not as much as me seeing you call them maharat



    Thank you for the inspiration.


    Rabbi Meir Kahane used to say that the world is round. when someone goes so far to the right he will pop out on the left. the same here. avi weiss and his ilk have moved so far to the right they popped up on al jazeera. the truth is, as we have seen from olmert, sharon, and others, a rightist with no torah values is just a leftist in disguise.



    Weiss and his cronies were never right. In any meaning of the word.


    Well Ari Hart has done it again. Taking the failings of his mentor and stooping to an even lower level.

    Remember the good old days when Avi would root out the old tallit for his press conferences in front of the UN?

    At least Avi would do this in support of Jews, Hart did this to cause tzaros for Jews. So he is even more despicable. Starts with Al-Jazeera and then morphs into actual terrorist acts.


    Why are you not parading in front of the Bayit and demanding that the person is excised like the tumor he is. He is dangerous to Jews every where, not just those who hold the Torah dear.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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