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    Y.W. Editor

    Received via email: (NOT WRITTEN BY YWN)

    [This article is intended for those of us who judge Obama as being anti-Jewish.]

    The holy sefer, MaOhr VeShomesh on Purim (page image enclosed) explains that there can be various levels of evil leadership.

    1. The king himself might be anti Jewish (like Acheshveirosh).

    2. The king and kingdom might be good and gracious, but have evil advisers (Haman).

    In case #1, the objective is to pray that his heart become sympathetic to the Jewish people. This was the ness of Purim that Achashveirosh who hated Jews more than Haman, had a “change of heart” and suddenly was doing good for the Jews.

    (For those that read Hebrew, please click on link below for the detail wording of this point.)

    Dear friends. We already see signs of this naiss. Being part of daily CIA briefings can, be’ezrat Hashem, play a key role on someone’s opinion. And as far as socialism goes, sitting on top of the world might just swing your opinion as well. After all, it was [Hashem’s will via] democracy that brought him there.

    So, let’s drop any ill feelings towards him, and truly pray and hope he becomes our true friend.

    It is possible that Aderabeh, he will be the last tool Hashem used to bring Moshiach, bimheira beyomeinu, amen.

    Someone who voted McCain.

    LINK TO WORDING: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=50221


    There’s also Case #3, per the Ma’or VaShemesh, where “Nissim and Nifla’os” are needed where the objective is to pray that the stature of the Tzadikim is raised. While he doesn’t say it explicitly, it seems the Ma’or VaShemesh implies that Case #3 is when both the king and his advisers are evil.


    Let’s also hope he drops his positions on:

    toevah marriage

    higher taxes

    killing babies

    negotiating with achmadenejad




    as for higher taxes, i don’t know about you, but i certainly don’t make 250k. i doubt that many here do. so, we’re down 1 and some more to go…


    chopnik, jews tend to make more money than others because they need to pay for tuition and kosher food, so we’ll probably get the worst of Obama’s “spreading the wealth around”.


    Jews *need* more money for tuition and kosher food.

    It doesn’t mean we get it.


    It is also interesting to note, that in the scenario where the advisor(s) is the bad guy, the solution is a mapuleh, same as Haman.

    In our case, maybe some bad advisor will get just that, which might also help the pres himself to better his position towards us. (About two weeks before the election, a top leader in his campaign, from Las Vegas, suddenly died at age 44. Maybe he was a Haman.)


    He’s a typical Ivy League Democrat. No Hiddush. For those who survived the Clinton administration, things won’t be very different. Those who are too young to remember the last time the Democrats ran Washington, should read a book about it. Also note that liberal Democrats dominate New York City and New York State (which as you know, have expelled the entire Jewish population -) ). If you can survive the likes of Bloomberg and Spitzer and Koch and Patterson and Pataki, you can survive Obama. If you couldn’t survive them – you are probably dead already.



    He’s been elected already.


    re toeiva marriage: He’s NOT for it, and there is major flack being given in the toeiva community against all the people who they thought should have been with them for having experienced discrimination themselves. This is going to be one of the defining issues in 21st century America, IMO, and B”H we won’t be alone in the so-called faith community on this.


    gmab, what’s your point?

    And Chopnik, Obama let slip in Florda that he’d raise taxes taxes for people making as little as $150 grand. jf02, I’m saying we jews need our money, and having it taken away to help “spread the wealth” won’t make things any easier, especialy for those suffering because of the current economic downturn


    akuperma: unfortunately pataki was a republican.

    chopnik: if you believe the 250 thousand cap, youre a fool. he has used numbers as far down as 97 thousand, and has raised taxes while in senate as low as earnings of 48 thousand! and i hope you work for a really large corporation, or a crummy small one, because good small to medium size business make over 250 thousand dollars and file taxes as a person, so you can lose your job when your bosses taxes get raised.


    “And Chopnik, Obama let slip in Florda (sic) that he’d raise taxes for people making as little as $150 grand. jf02, I’m saying we Jews need our money, and having it taken away to help ‘spread the wealth’ won’t make things any easier, especially for those suffering because of the current economic downturn.”

    Everyone is suffering because of the current economic downturn, rich and poor alike, and don’t think for a second that all Jews are rich. $150,000 sounds like a lot to me because my family only makes around $35,000, so raising taxes will make things easier for me and my family. Of course, I count my blessings because $35,000 is still well above the poverty line, and there are plenty of families, Jewish as well as non-Jewish, who don’t always know where they will get their next meal. Is it so difficult to give up a few luxuries? Anyone who’s making a six-figure salary can afford to cut back a little.


    $35,000 for a frum family is NOT that far above the poverty line. Between tuition (and I don’t begrudge the schools a penny, halavai we should be able to pay full tuition), kosher food (even living frugally), cars, insurance (medical expenses even if work offers benefits, car), mortgage, utilities, clothes (even second hand), home repairs that can’t get put off…

    People making six figures may already be cutting back more than you know. With a large family, the low six figures is not enough and mid six figures may be just barely enough.


    tzippi, my point exactly. things will only get harder when taxes get higher.

    and yes, jf02, i misspelled something. what’s your point?

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