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    There are many words that seem to be an independent word of its own, yet can be traced back to a correlating shoresh. For example R’ Shamshon Rafael Hirsch(among others) says that the shoresh of ahavah is hav and the correlation is that when one gives(ie invests in) another person he develops a strong love for that person(which is perhaps why a parent loves a child more then a child loves a parent)

    If you pay attention, you can find many such fascinating shoroshim on your own. For examle,

    modeh could mean to thank but it can also mean to admit. If one has the presence to admit and acknowledge he will inevitably thank(hakaras hatov means to recognize)

    Adam comes from adamah

    unnee and unnuv.

    Machshavah and moach.

    Try to see if you can come up with a few.


    Muter which meens alowed comes from the word muter which meens untied or unrestricted.

    Asur which meens perhibited comes from asur, tied, restricted.


    Sakin and sakanah.


    erev=evening maariv=west (where the sun sets)

    Mizrach = east zurach=rose (where the sun rises)

    ponov=face pinah=corner like even hapinah a corner stone


    Aht or ahta (You) from Lir-oht (to see). The person whom one sees directly before him and to whom one speaks is the “you.”


    rieah (seeing)and ohr (light)

    ga’avah and gav

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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