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    My 6 year old boy is sensitive to chemical food colouring – it gets him hyperactive. I always take care to avoid coloured food for that reason. (Very difficult actually).

    What’s wrong with non-coloured syrup?

    Thanks for listening.

    I feel better now.


    did you ask the pharmacist about this? he/she may be able to help you.


    refuah shelayma to your son.


    When my oldest was under 3, he wouldn’t take medicine. He figured out when we tried to hide it in his food/snack. One time we asked the doctor if there was “a needle” for it. Apparently there is. Seems like he preferred the needle. Also, it is a one-time deal as opposed to a week of forcing medicine down his throat, so it’s win-win.



    If it wasn’t colored he wouldn’t take it at all. The color and additives put in are to make it with a better taste. Yes even the disgusting tasting ones are better than what it would be without the additives.


    My pharmacist gave us white (not dyed) amoxicillin that still had the bubblegum flavor for my son’s strep. Did you ask if yours has?


    gefen: didn’t think about that. thanks.

    Mayan_Dvash: I have heard of single injections instead of daily antibiotics for long term use. I never knew there was an option for short term use. Good to know.

    rescue37: I know that colour and taste are there to encourage children to take it. But there must be enough children who are sensitive to all those chemicals to effect a change.

    thanks to all for your comments.


    Injections are not the way to go (for many reasons).

    Mayan_Dvash -Your case is the exception rather than the rule.

    Obviously the practioner felt- better to give a shot than not to give the med at all.

    Believe it or not, there are protocols on which antibiotics to give for what. It’s not a mix and match game. There are books written on this. It’s a big part of medicine.

    I would say get the chewables, but they too probably have the additives you don’t want.

    What you do is get something called a pill crusher, crush an adult pill, it obviously has to be the same strength and then add it to some spoonful of applesauce or something similar.


    “What you do is get something called a pill crusher, crush an adult pill, it obviously has to be the same strength and then add it to some spoonful of applesauce or something similar. “

    Thank you Health. That sounds like a good way to give him the pills, if he can’t swallow it.


    if you want to crush pills you need to speak to your pharmacist first. There are many pills (even antibiodics) that have certain release mechanisms in the pill, if you crush it, it won’t work properly or at all.


    kids who are allergic to penicillin get a different antibiotic called omnicef. It’s a white liquid, so maybe that’s a better alternative for people trying to avoid food dyes.


    In Israel, amoxicillin is white and dye-free. In the US, most types of antibiotic can be compounded without dye. You just have to find a compounding pharmacy.

    We did Rocephin shots a few times, but that was for pneumonia which was sensitive only to ceftriaxone. I wouldn’t give it to my child for strep.


    crushed pills taste awful and putting it in applesauce does little to hide the taste. most kids would not be able to swallow it.


    Shrek: penicillin is the suitable antibiotic for strep. I doubt a doctor would recommend a substitute just because of how the colouring affects a child.

    MII: I am in Israel. Moxypen is pink. Perhaps you mean Augmentin.

    resue, commonsense: i will discuss with my pharmacist in future about pills and the best way to do it for a child. i think he should manage to swallow half a pill.

    Thanks to all for your input.

    It’s good to be able to discuss things with others.


    Funny, our Moxypen is white. Maybe it’s a different brand?


    I thought ‘Moxypen’ *is* the brand name. Dunno

    Moxyvit is another brand. Can’t remember the colour.

    Without checking the ingreds, I wouldn’t take it for granted that white = colour-free.

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