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    Anyone who supported obama in the recent election and still supports him -listen what aaron klien reported tonight-that obama has had secret meetings-himself-with the muslim brotherhood and planned to kick mubarak out some time ago and replace him with the brotherhood-he is betraying the united states and will surely betray israel.He must be stopped.

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    I don’t know if Klein is telling the truth, but the line almost all gov. officals are taking, except Huckabee, are very Naive and PC. Radical Muslims can and probably will take this opportunity to rise to power. Do we really want another Iran. The lib Carter made the same mistake. Iran is about to become a nuclear power. If Egypt goes to the radicals, we will have two nuclear enemies of Israel and the West. Huckabee for Pres. now!


    Until recently, they chose to appease America, since it was worthwhile for them. Now, that 1.5 billion dollars a year can come to unfortunate use, G-d forbid.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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