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    Im absolutely Horrified!

    I was shopping on 13th Avenue yesterday and upon entering a well famous childrens’ clothing store I realized there was a double carriage with 2 innocent, young babies inside it, parked in front of the store all by itself, without any supervision at all.

    How does such a thing happen? The carriage looked as if it belonged to no one, and just about anyone could have walked off with it without anyone realizing. I couldnt believe my eyes!

    First of all, the danger of a kidnapper. And this wasn’t only one precious child, it was two!

    Second of all, the risk of a cop passing and seeing this, the parents would automatically be charged with child abuse.

    It really doesnt matter how important it was for that mother to enter that store. Nothing is more important than her kids. Why is she even buying clothes for them if they might be gone by the time she leaves that store with her newest purchases chas vsholom?

    There is no way I can be Dan Lkaf Zechus in this situation.

    Now, I’m not this type to stand up in public and speak, but I knew I had to do this.

    I walked into the store and announced:”Does the double carriage outside belong to anyone? If a cop passes…..” and I just shook my head not wanting to finish my sentence.

    Some of you reading this might have seen me there. You might recall the incident. The store was full of shoppers. And I’m really sorry if the mother herself is reading this. I must publicize this incident for the public to learn from it.

    Please Nashim Tzidkanios. Our children are our whole life. What is more important than family? Your eyes must be upon your kids 24 hours a day, and I mean that literally. Sent them to Shul in pjs, but never leave them unattended while shopping. I know it’s difficult, I have kids of my own B”H, but if you know how precious they are, you guard them like diamonds!!

    May Hashem watch over our children and guard them form harm.

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