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    does anyone know anything about camp heller wat kind of boys go there and what kind of families they attract i really appreciate it thank you very much

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    My son went there for a number of years. Amazing camp. Amazing Rebbeim. Lots of fun. Nice kids.


    Camp Heller which is the senior camp of Mogen AV, it is extremely focused on sports. They hire real refs etc. If he’s not a total lover of sports then Heller is not for him.

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    I don’t know about the boys camp specifically. But in my day the girls Heller attracted a verybroad range of great girls from all over. From the very yeshivish to the more modern.


    These ‘proffesional refs’ that you are reffering to, are in fact the shtarkest bochurim found in the hallowed Yeshiva University batei midroshim…they spend almost all of their waking hours (when not reffing games) shvitzing over a geshmake sugya in the bais medrash

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    i have been in camp heller for many years now it is an amazing camp!!

    Rabbi Beitler the head counselor along with all the staff he hand picks put together a summer experience your son will cherish forever.

    it not only the sports the are taken very seriously in camp it is also the ruchneias that they take very seriously to insure that every single camper comes out a better person then when they come in…

    they do that by taking interest in every one,it truly amazing makom torah EX..night seder in camp every kid get paired up with chavrusa instead of shiur to maximize the growth.

    and the geshmack is also amazing, between the trips the leagues the night actives the new BBQ area the place is an great place to spend your summer.

    And everything i just said is talking from experience because i have been there for many years.

    please feel free to ask more Q on this thread i would be glad to answear

    kol tov hatzlocha


    any more info

    about this wonderful camp


    does this camp have a mechina or learning program and are there jobs available now?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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