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    I lifeguard a pool with about 100 kids every day and get asked the time between 20 & 60times which disturbs my guarding, so I started telling people I don’t know, which technically is true as I don’t look at my watch every second. What do you think, is that wrong to do?


    You are there for safety, so whatever you have to do to keep people safe is right.


    Really…are we back to shuddering again???

    If you want to honestly say that you don’t know, don’t wear a watch. Otherwise it’s just rude.


    Hang up a clock behind you, then just wave in that direction when asked.

    🐵 ⌨ Gamanit

    You’re the only lifeguard for about 100 kids? That doesn’t sound too safe. I would ask for at least two junior lifeguards to assist.


    When I lifeguarded in a camp I had the same thing happen to me. So I used to just hold my arm out and make the kids read the watch themselves.


    I teach kids to ask the lifeguard for the time. It keeps the lifeguards alert, and also makes them notice that kid.


    Doesn’t the shuddering take away your attention from lifeguarding?


    Why can’t you just say the truth? That you can’t look at your watch while you need to keep you eyes on the kids swimming.


    Gamanit- there are a couple of lifeguards

    Torah613- it’s not my pool so I can’t

    Wdik99-I do sometimes, but then they usually start asking questions, which gets distracting


    Maybe you can find or screen print a t-shirt that says “Lifeguard on Duty, Do not Disturb!” or something similar. When bothered simply point to it. (A poster would be simpler, if you can get permission to hang one.)

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    Don’t hang up a clock behind you. Surround yourself with them.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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