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    Countries do not harass other countries without an underlying cause.

    Russia is not like Iran, who is religiously driven to destroy

    They aren’t either like N. Korea, a tiny egoistic country seeking world validation-

    -or are they??

    Take a rough look at the top 8 Countries with the largest GDP









    Now take a rough look at the top 3 world Military Powers

    1. US

    2. Russia

    3. China

    The US outnumbers Russia 12 to 1 in its military budget, but Russia has the most nukes- 2,500 more nuclear warheads than the US.

    2008 Russia bullies Georgia

    2014 Russia Bullies Ukraine

    There is an unstable pattern of Russia’s power-hunger.


    One should also remember that Ukraine had been part of Russia for virtually its entire history. One should also remember that it was the Russians who defeated the Nazis (if you look at casulties on both sides, arguably the Anglo-American western front was a “side show” compared to the Eastern front), and that the Ukrainians were among the most notorious as collaborators. That the “liberal” Ukrainian coalition includes some groups that are clearly fascist, and includes others with a solid history of corruption and incompetence (which is how Ukraine fell behind Russia in the 20 years they have been separate countries).

    While the United States for reasons of geopolitics should probably be supporting Ukraine, from a Jewish perspective, Jewish neutrality is probably the best policy.


    Even though Ukraine is more corrupt than Russia on a lower level and the streets are antisemitic, that Russia is invading Ukraine to protect the ‘jewish nationals’ among others, is belied by their 2008 invasion of Georgia. Seems more like power-hunger.

    As far as jewish neutrality,

    Remember, that at first, Netanyahu’s reply on Russian involvement in crimea was that he has “too much on his plate” to focus on that issue. Then he came out neutral. This happens months after Netanyahu’s historic visit to Russia,

    There is a theory that Putin may have promised Israel of Russian involvement in an attack on Iran’s nuke facilities on last resort. If there’s one thing putin revels in, its undermining the president of the united states.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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