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    Sam 2 and Halevai,

    even if the correct girsa is eiruv tavshilin, it isn’t a stretch to accept that the avos observed Rosh hashana, and made erev tavshilin.

    Keep in mind particulars of erev tavshilin are learnt from psukim in nechemiah about R”H.


    good pont. But Shabbos is still part of it.

    Sam, if you hold Techumin is a De’oraysa what would be the stress that he kept everything incuding that? The Maharal did keep the Girsa of Eiruvei Tavshilin, with a beautiful explanation of why this was picked.


    Daas Yochid:

    Yibum might be a good example. There was a concept of Yibum which existed before matan Torah; that’s what Yehudah marrying Tamar was about. After matan Torah, the issur of marrying a daughter-in-law doesn’t allow this type of “Yibum”.

    The ??????? in ????? the beginning of the Eleventh perek discuss this.


    (Torah613Torah- response to earlier post: bereshis 24:63 and (ethics from sinai Irving Bunim-foot note says themidrash understands this description of “dwelling in tents” as the academies of shem and ever, Tanchuma, Toldos 2 and Va’yishlach 9)


    to the 3rd and 4th generation … means complete.

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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