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    I don’t understand where the Achdus in the Jewish world has gone!

    We, the Jewish People, have suffered so many losses starting from the times of Yehoshua, when two and half tribes didn’t join the rest of the nation in Eretz Yisroel. Time and time again after this event in our history, we see that when Bnei Yirsoel is seperated, that is when we are most vulnerable.

    We are always stronger in numbers! Why do we daven in minyonim? Hashem can surley hear our Tefilos when we daven alone. But no! Hashem wants us to band together because 10 is better than 1.

    If this is true, why are we so seperated today. We always say how much we want to do our own avodas Hashem, we want to abide by the Torah. We want to do the Mitzvos to the fullest! But please, someone explain to me why our bein adam lechaveriyo has gone out the window! And I am speaking to every Jew in the world! Why are we creating Asifa’s one Jew to the next? Why are we calling one Jew a Rasha? Why are people putting Gedoilim down? Why has Lashon Hara suddenly become ok? ITS NOT!

    We need to contact our Rabbinic leaders in all places around the OILAM and tell them it’s time for a change in attitude. Yes, Chareidim don’t agree with Modern Orthdox way of life and viewpoints. And Modern Orthodox don’t belive in the Chassidish etc. etc. But at the end of the day, that only boils down to differences in our hashkafas which come with our differences in political and other contraversial issues. But we waste so much time and effort slandering other Jew’s, when we can be learning something from them. that thing can either be strengthning your own ideas, or understanding something new.

    When will we all realize we are fighting for the same thing, Hashem. The Torah. The Mitzvos. Yes, one man may wear a knitted kippa, one with a streimel, one with a black hat, one with jeans, one with black and white. We are all at different levels of frummkeit, but thats what makes us so special.

    When will we recognize this. I hope before it’s too late.


    There was Achdus on Yom Yerusholaim 1967 as the incredible announcement “Har haBayis b’Yodeinu” was flashed & broadcast across the world.

    The day of the Entebbe Raid.

    Then on 9/11.

    Then in the aftermath of Sandy.


    but clearly not on the same level as when the complete bais hamikdash was around. the reason the kosel is still there is to show us that there is hope.

    on the ball

    OurTorah – hope you don’t mind that I pull you up on your mentioning the 2 and a half tribes remaining behind the Yarden as being a problem in Achdus.

    This was endorsed and approved by none other than Moshe Rabenu and then put to action by Yehoshua subject to them participating in the conquest of EY which they did.

    If you are looking for the first split in Klal Yisrael, I’d maybe go back even earlier to the Shevatim and their issue with Yosef.

    But, please remember we are talking about unfathomably great, highly spiritual men so maybe it’s best not to make comparisons.


    The Achdus vanished over a century ago when a large number Ashkenazi Jews went off the derekh. A major factor during World War II is that the hiloni Jews assumed Hitler was only out to get the frum Jews, and were shocked when he turned out not to like good, western, irreligious Jews. In America, the secular Jews actually lobbied the American government not to support acitvities designed to rescue Jews (e.g. bombing the concentration camps and the railroad leading to them). If you try working outside the frum “ghetto”, you’ll discover that most American goyim are quite tolerant and even supportive of frumkeit in matters such as kashrus, Shabbos, clothing, etc. — where as the secular Jews object strongly to accomodation of frumkeit.

    Regardless of the halachic definition, for practical purposes a Jew is someone who is Shomer Mitsvos – and defined that way, there is plenty of achdus even between the streimels and the kippah serugahs, and all points in between.


    If OURTorah wants to maybe instead make a comparison to the war with shevet Binyamin over the pilegesh beGivon, or the war with shevent Efrayim (sh vs s), or just malchus Yehuda and malchus Yisrael, that would probably fit better.


    147- exactly, but why only in harsh times?

    on the ball and writersoul- your right, those would fit better. but yes I shoudl not have said that I wasn’t making a comment on Moshe Rabbeinu Chas veshalom, I was trying to say how we are not strong when we are seperated, we’re vulnerable!


    It’s very distressing. The same type of sectarianism that led to Hurban haBayit is what we have nowadays, except instead of Tzedukim, Essenes, and Perushim, etc. nowadays, it’s Reform vs. Conservative, Habad vs. Litvishe gedolim, Sephardim vs. Ashkenazim, women who wear tallitot versus the police, YU vs. YCT, the odious game of playing my rabbi versus your rabbi, one rabbi rejecting and defaming other rabbis, etc. People struggle to express mahloket in a respectful manner; to quote a rabbinical friend of mine, “you don’t have to be wrong for me to be right.”


    Reform vs. Conservative? Really? Obviously they disagree, but I haven’t heard of them attacking each other.


    There are times when achdus is not only wrong but actually forbidden. Such as Orthodox achdus with Conservative or Reform. And there are other examples including women wearing taleisim in public.

    Some of the above examples are simply false. There is achdus among Sephardim and Ashkenazim. And Litvish and Chasidim.


    temimus- it’s true, there is achdus between litvish and chasidim (take beitar elite as the perfect example). but that is not what I am referring too.

    And yes you are correct, we should not agree with certain tendancies of certain sects of Judaism, but that doesnt mean we need to throw chairs at the women of the wall. If only we’d go to the Kosel and davened, showing a spiritual war…yes we might not have gotten instant grafitication, but we would have made our point loud and clear. word violence is no different than physical violence. Hashem hates lashon hara.


    I think the OP means there is a lack of stress and emphasis for something so important, it virtually comes before anything. Anyone who is an orthodox gd fearing Jew should love his fellow regardless of his differences and shortcomings. Our children are not taught this. Competitive nature ensues.


    I’m not sure what your children are taught, but my children are taught achdus. At home and in Yeshiva. And so are almost all frum children I know.


    kinda ironic, erev parshas pinchs. He got brisi shalom for impaling 2 people on a spear. c’mon, wheres the achdus? better yet, why get brisi shalom as a reward for killing someone? maybe reward him with having strong kids or whatever? teretz is that achdus and shalom means to do what Hashem wants, and do it together, not watch you things wrong and stay quiet. if those who devote their very lives to serving Hashem see others doing things that there are valid halachic bases to avoid, theres no inyan to live and let live. im gonna go sharpen my spear.


    good point toi!

    E-O-M- that is what i mean, although, despite achdus being taught in schools (becuase what is an insititution that doesn’t teach achdus!) it still ensues! My question is what can we do about it? and i understand we can only fix ourselves, but sometimes we get so self absorbed that we end up hurting others along the way (putting others down for not being like us!)


    So true. We need to have more achdus. I know that everyone thinks that they are right but its not a reason to start hating each other. after all to quote Rodney King “Can we all just get along please”.


    Toi, excellent post. Thanks.

    Oh Shreck!


    You’re putting down people who have no achdus.

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