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    Sing Song

    I heard a few of the songs over the past few days on Nachum Segal, and I have to say that it sounds amazing!! Finally, a CD worth buying. I will definately be heading to a store over the weekend to pick up this CD…

    This is what Jewish music should sound like! The songs all sounded great and the arrangements are top notch. (Yanky Briskman, Yochi’s son, arranged all the music and he did a beautiful job!)

    Congratulations to all the Shapiro Brothers on an amazing job!



    Sing Song, just make sure you don’t need this for Sing Sing.

    Sing Song

    Thats why I said I will be BUYING the CD, and not stealing it from someones Ipod… 🙂


    I totally agree with Sing Song. The songs that I have heard so far sound amazing. I met the Shapiro Brothers last night at a wedding and one of them played me a song titled K’shoshanah, which has a guest appearance by Dovid Gabay. The song was just gorgeous and is sure to be the next hit slow song in Jewish music…

    Looking forward to buying the CD as soon as I hear its in stores…


    Why do I even bother, I must have seen you at the wedding last night… One of the Shapiro brothers played me a song too… it was an amazing English song! I wish Yeshiva World would put up their sampler in the music preview section… they told me that they sent it to the web site… Can’t wait to buy.. I heard that some stores already have them…


    Who are the shapiro bros?


    intellegent, they must be brothers with the last name of Shapiro…. I am not sure how I figuered that out!


    I picked up a copy in Lakewood this afternoon. I have to say I’m very impressed with this CD. I would recommend it to others…


    Picked this cd up today….WOW!! Where did these guys come from? This is the best total package I’ve heard in years!


    Finally got a chance to pick up the CD yesterday. The rest of the songs are as good as the ones I heard on Nachum Segal. Rarely do I feel like I wasn’t ripped off by buying a CD. Thank you Shapiro Brothers!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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