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    I just found acne cream that works better than any other cream I have ever used its called Maximum strength Terminator 10 tm. Was wonderng what worked for others.


    Accutane works for some people……………


    …………it also has side effects like suicide.

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    Accutaine has terrible side effects. Don’t use it. It’s not worth being acne free

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    Acutane is a prefectly good medicine. Like all medicines, when you take them, you are taking a risk. As any medicine can affect any person differently.

    Don’t bash the medicine since it wasn’t matim/for your body!

    It as been known to affect some peoples livers, that is why people who take it are instructed to take a blood test to see if it will do that to THEIR body too, or not. Or to lower the dosage or whatever.

    I got crazy side affects from ritalin from 5 years ago that lasted till last year. (Even though I stopped taking it 5 years ago)

    That doesn’t meanm it will happen to everyone. I don’t bash ritalin (I do, but not for that part-for the idea of drugging kids) and thousands of people still take it.


    aczone is the best……………first put hydrogen peroxide on . then once it dries put aczone on. by the next morning there is already a difference


    i use rugby or oxy (or i think theres even walgreens brand!) or benzoyl peroxide 5% or 10% and it works wonders! people literally stop me and compliment me on my skin!!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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