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    My favorite hobby of all….zero outlet.

    Any way to act without neglecting family being away long hours?

    Little Froggie

    1) You could write a book

    2) You could go to / organize a day camp

    3) You could write a play

    4) You could direct singing, choirs.

    5) You could (continue to) write comedy threads for us here. ps they were masterpieces.

    6) Become the new Rebbetzin here (or in real life!)


    Thanks Little Froggie and Goq but I meant actually acting in a play or film (I have written/directed – but not been in it myself since high school), it’s very enjoyable.

    I also love Improv (no lines to remember) and have run such workshops for kids and adults.

    But being in charge, you don’t really get to actually act.

    Anyway, Goq, as a single mom I’m no longer appreciated by some family members either, but certain super-duper friends have become as close to me as family, in lieu of those individuals. I am sure you have discovered that antidote as well, correct?


    How about those slideshows that are shown on chol hamoed sometimes?


    why dont you head a school production which is practice mainly during the day…..(talking from experience..:})


    Community theater is usually not a huge time commitment and can be a lot of fun. Research community theater in your area and see what you find.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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