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    I am sure you from time to time ADHD is fake its a made up thing anyone could sit and focus if they really tried. Do these poeple know what its like to sit and try your hardest to listen to your rebbis shiur and within seconds your minds jumping around? Do these poeple understand what it feels like to really try to learn a tosofos and every 5 seconds your mind is jumping somewhere else?Do these poeple understand what its like to wake up in the morning and your head feels like scrambled eggs? Do these poeple understand what its like to wake up laying in bed dreading the day ahead? well this how adhd feels and meds help big time!!!


    Of course ADHD is real. the problem is that it is vastly over diagnosed, very often by teachers and menahalim who have no medical training at all. They use ADHD as a crutch to deal with troublesome students, most of whom are simply bored and act out. It’s so much simpler to medicate a bright, active child into submission than to actually work with them.
    Your issue clearly illustrates the “boy who cried wolf” problem. It’s not that the constant false alarms are annoying, it’s that when the wolf does come, no one believes it.


    ADHD is commonly diagnosed so that schools will receive state special education funds.

    Grey matter

    Well said Redleg.


    ADHD is a real disorder.

    Anyone who says otherwise is clueless.

    Just because some people are misdiagnosed with it does not give people a reason to discount the severity of ADHD. Sometimes a misdiagnosis with ADHD will lead to a more accurate diagnosis.


    It’s foolish to assume that anyone who doesn’t agree with you disagrees due to lack of experience.


    I am involved in a Yeshiva and there is no “funding” for adhd children. Adhd diagnosis would only help obtain govermnet funded resource help for the child paid directly to their tutor.
    People grossly overestimate what government funding yeshivas actually get.
    Outside of upk programs which give yeshivas 10k a child…and a big headache.
    Lunch program legally only provides food.
    Mandated services is about 40k a year for 350 students. Mandated services are keeping immunization records and keeping attendance.
    Security only reimburses you for unarmed guards 20k.
    Nystl funds secular department books and media.
    There is a new program that reimburses for stem teachers but nobody received funds for that yet.
    Homeland security gives 75k to add security upgrades.

    All of these programs require proof of invoices. Unless you are playing games with the invoices theres no real funds other than upk.

    Yeshivas should be first on the tzedaka lists because nobody allows them to turn away children for tuiton like a business does. Even a grocery does not let poor people take bread.


    RebYidd23, being experienced does not necessarily make someone empathetic.

    Even a psychiatrist may be clueless… some people just won’t get it and I do believe that if they got it then they wouldn’t discount ADHD.

    Now, I have heard someone whose doctor told her that people with ADHD existed even centuries ago. Those people with ADHD were seen using their ADHD traits to cross the USA in search of gold in California. Today, having ADHD can create a mismatch to the demands of our education system and common career trades. So, even if someone doesn’t regard ADHD as a brain disorder, it doesn’t mean that there is no mental or biological struggle present between the world as it exists today and the person trying to adapt to the current social and environmental structures.


    Thank you for putting that out.
    I never understood why it’s not more clearly out there.
    All the talk recently about the government mandating the daily schedule and people responding that since they take government money they need to listen.
    I was always thinking, what money?? They are not getting “money “they are having forced tasks and services, paid for by those who force them to do it. And probably underpaid too.
    Thanks for putting it out so clearly


    Lightbrite, that is not what I meant by experience.


    Interesting point about the goldrushers. Years ago, those who didnt have the zitzfleish for school played hooky or got a job at a super young age. But I do think the itchy pants syndrome is more prevalent today. As a child/student I had patience to sit still and quiet. However now as a young adult I find myself unable to sit still etc…


    Redleg alleges that ADHD is “vastly over diagnosed, very often by teachers and menahalim who have no medical training at all.” If teachers and menahalim engage in diagnosis, they’re impersonating physicians. Is it so?


    PracticalPost, there is adult-onset ADHD too. The web is full of real professional information about it plus anecdotal sites where adults talk about it.


    “ADHD is commonly diagnosed so that schools will receive state special education funds.”

    So too in Israel, particularly in Chareidi schools.


    I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was an adult by then after hearing constantly how lazy and unproductive I am my self-esteem was totally ruined and by now I’m in a deep depression and my marriage is totally falling apart if only we had the tools when I was younger to be able to deal with it in a healthy way life could have been so much better
    Ps does any body know of any support group for ADHD in The frum community or somebody I can reach out to to save me
    Thanks adhd

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