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    Where is the best place to buy an appliance such as a wall oven, in terms of quality and low price? Do out of town places deliver? What wall oven would you recommend and why (model numbers, please)? I am trying to find a non-electric ignition one. DO they exist anywhere, anymore?


    Fast Forward

    I have always liked dealing with Town Appliances in Lakewood. Yes they do deliver and they are very helpful on the phone. The number is 800-288-1647.



    I dont know if you are in NY area, but PC Richard has a Dent and Scratch warehouse in Commack, NY Cheap prices


    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    Call Town Appliance in Lakewood (yes, they deliver). They are knowledgeable, well priced, and honest. (800) 288-1647.



    Drimmers on coney Island Ave.Drimmers is local and it is nice to support a local business as well as easier to deal with if something is wrong. A friend (after shopping around) recently got some appliances by them, they had two out of the three items at the cheapest asking price and the third they price matched.Additionally,I got a washer and dryer by them they were cheapest including install.

    I do however echo above that town appliance has very similar and fair pricing.

    Whomever you choose ask for suggestions as they might have something on closeout or a cheaper model that you do not see in the showroom.


    The Frumguy

    Another vote for Town Appliances in Lakewood. Least expensive and most helpful by far.



    a j madison

    38th street & 14th ave, brooklyn



    annoying israeli response- well i always use blah blah blah in yerushalayim theyre the best and if u make aliyah you can use them too.



    Wow, thank you all for your helpful responses. I am without my wall oven since before Shavuos, and trying first to find the repair part (no longer made) or to find a replacement that will fit in the present space of my wall oven, is a lot more challenging and frustrating than one would expect. B”H my stovetop is good, and I have learned how to do a lot of cooking either that way, or in a fleishig toaster oven (which takes forever, as it only hold a small pan at a time). I am taking all your ideas under advisement.



    perhaps you can replace the area with a small stove top and oven (24 inch wide)or slide in range and you can use the empty space in the wall for a convection microwave if you want fast cooking without bending down. It might not cost more then replacing an in wall oven especially if you have to worry about rewiring and cabinet repairs. Additionally,some of the small ovens are non electric ignition.

    In the meantime if you have or can borrow a stovetop oven from someone (Camping/pesach style)it would be faster then toaster oven.They retail bet.30-40$

    p.s.downside of convection microwave: most convection microwaves due to the cooking methods and mix of inner metal and plastic cannot be kashered for pesach,and should be treated like a regular oven I.E. designate it for milchigs and the main oven for flieshig and double wrap items if switching.The upside is it browns as well as an oven and cooking time is more then halved.



    You can check out the Sears Outlet website, which used to have good prices for appliances. I was looking there yesterday for someone who needs a dryer, and the prices were quite a bit higher than they were when I needed a dryer a few months ago. I don’t know if this is across the board.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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