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    pascha bchochma

    Yom Kippur scares me. Because it is Yom HaDin. And also because I have to fast, and this past Tisha B’av had to rely on shiurim. I miss out on a lot of YK. Last year I went to shul for the first time ever (I’m in my 20s) and barely made it back without fainting, and had a terrible rest of the fast.

    I’m a very bad faster and always have been. Powerade, grapes, etc didn’t work. I don’t throw up or get headaches or anything, but get weaker and weaker to a frightening degree.

    In the last 8-10 hours of the fast, I become very weak, and need to lie down. I then go in and out of consciousness/ sleep (it’s not like a real sleep, it’s a growing weakness.) It’s scary because it does feel like I imagine starving to death feels.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice?


    It’s good you’re not a man. Otherwise you’d need to be in shul all (or most) of the day.


    If you go in and out of consciousness/sleep, you must ask your Rov/Posek if you are allowed to fast at all. He might refer to a doctor to determine if it is a medical issue. For example; There are many people who when they fast their blood pressure or glucose level bottoms out, especially those that suffer from Mitral Valve Prolapse. At that point their Rov/Posek might suggest eating with shiurim. ????? ?????.


    pascha, I’m not a posek so don’t go by what I’m saying but I think that if you don’t feel well and the only way for you to make it through the fast is by staying home and even staying in bed then that’s what you gotta do. I have family members that don’t go to shul (even for yizkur) because they would not be able to make it through the fast otherwise.

    I also know for myself that ever since I was released from the hospital (a year ago, b”H) it’s hard for me to sit for crazy amounts of time, like sitting/standing for the entire mussaf so I do plan on leaving in middle if I feel the need to and I don’t feel guilty for doing it either. (wow, that was a run on sentence. Sorry) I try to make it back for neila but again, if I see I won’t be able to manage it then I try and say it at home by myself.

    Good luck fasting and gmar chasima tova!

    pascha bchochma

    Thanks Shmoel. I guess that would be the positive side to this. 🙂 I would love to hear Yonah and Neilah even if I don’t have to.

    BTW, would it be permissible, halachically, to put up your feet in shul? Not that I would do it, just curious.

    YW Moderator-42

    It is better to stay in bed all day and fast then to eat and go to shul.


    #1 talk to a dr. it might be dangerous for you to fast. try eating a lot of protein for a few days before. protein stays with you the longest and gives strength to fast. talk to rav and ask what to do, hatzlocha and a g’mar chasima tova!


    I heard that in BP there are IV stations availeble for people who have any condition which makes it hard for them to fast. You may want to check out if its an option for you to have a RN or Hatzolah member give you IV. (If its a jew who gives the IV then they have to put in a IV line before YK in a non emergency case).

    pascha bchochma

    YW-42 – Yep well my father always tells me that. Nevertheless, I feel let down that everyone else is in shul and I never have the YK experience.

    I’d just like to know if anyone else has heard of this problem, and if there are any solutions?


    You should speak to a rav and doctor. Your last paragraph is of concern.


    Get Tylenol suppositories and caffeine suppositories. It will, at least, help you feel human and basically functional. You can also try kalei tzom (I think that’s what they’re called). They’re nutritional supplements (pills) that are sold at kosher supermarkets, and they’re supposed to help with fasting. I find that it does help a bit.

    It’s also easier to fast when you haven’t been gorging all week (your stomach shrinks).


    PB -Did you ever try Kali Tzom? Also, you could have a medical problem. You can go to your PCP for a workup.


    eat green vegatables and lots of water. Also, stop coffee 2 days in advance so you don’t have withdrawl headache


    Have you mentioned your problem to your doctor? Absent physical exertion, an adult human being should be able to go without food and water for the duration of the YK fast with nothing more than hunger pangs and, perhaps, a headache. Your symptoms suggest that there may be an underlying medical problem. Before you approach your Moreh d’Asrah for a heter, consult your physician.


    If anyone is in EY or Europe, try Arcoxia 120mgs before fasting. It is a non-narcotic painkiller, but it is not approved for any use in the US because it is chemically too close to Vioxx. You can probably get it from an offshore pharmacy in time for the fast if you order today. If you try it, get the smallest amount available (7 tablets over here) and put whatever you don’t use away – don’t get tempted to use it as a painkiller because it is dangerous for long-term use.

    Researchers in EY claim that Arcoxia prevents headaches when taken before fasting. I can get it here and probably will give it a try on Thursday evening and then again with the seuda hamafsekes along with the 2 or 3 Imodium I take every day for 3 days up to the beginning of the fast to create a full feeling. Imodium is not approved or researched by anyone for this purpose so try it at your own risk.


    600 Kilo Bear – Here in the US, I take Celebrex before a fast.

    It’s also a Cox 2 and it lasts for 24 hours, but it needs a prescription.


    pascha bchochma; drink plenty of water, and poweraid.

    Eat complex carbohydrates right before the fast,

    I personally suggest you eat some pastaand whole wheat bread.

    Then right befor the fast take two tablespoons of honey.

    That should help you fast well. Hatzlacha.

    P.S. towards the end when you’re getting weak, you should lie down to rest. You don’t have to be in shul the whole day, if your a woman. After you have davened for mercy and regretted past deeds,

    and done teshuvah, the ikar is to be M’uneh.

    that is done by fasting, So you can go home in afternoon to rest.

    I wish all of klal Yisroel a meaningful, healthy fast.


    Health, does Celebrex work? I really fear this Arcoxia. I can get Celebrex here too, no RX required.


    What are “complex carbohydrates”?


    im getting weak just reading your post

    pascha bchochma

    Chanie: Thanks I actually am going to ask a Rav. I didn’t realize this was that unusual, I thought the responses would be “Sure my sister fasts like that, she does xyz”. BH I don’t have any major health issues but I guess I should tell my Dr.

    happiest: You’re right. I daven at home anyway 🙂 The same to you!

    YW Moderator-42 – the posts didn’t go up in order, I was responding to you.

    commonsense: I will, I’ll call my Dr. I do eat protein, I eat a lot of stuff before the fast. I’m slim but don’t think it has to do with not eating/ drinking enough or too much.

    truthsharer: I will, thanks.

    mommamia22 Thanks but the problem is not pain, and I get headaches from caffeine, I don’t drink coffee.

    Re Kali Tzom – I looked at the ingredients, some seem quite dangerous!

    Health – thanks.


    600 Kilo Bear -“Health, does Celebrex work?”

    It works for me.


    Thanks. Unfortunately because of bal tashkis and not wanting any leftovers around I have to go with the Arcoxia – it is sold in smaller packages and I can probably find enough friends to test it with me and take the pills I don’t use.


    What are “complex carbohydrates”?

    Complex carbs is whole grains, veggies, beans. Simple carbs is anything refined (white flour, sugar). They take longer to digest which means they’ll keep you fuller for a longer time.


    pascha bchochma



    600 Kilo Bear – I’m not trying anything chemically close to Vioxx, whatever that is. I don’t consume meds not prescribed by a Dr.

    I know what Immodium is, though, and that sounds quite dangerous as it can totally stop your digestive systems! You really need to check the safety of what you’re doing.

    bein_hasdorim – Thanks. I’ll try the 2 tbsp honey, can’t hurt.

    gezuntheit: a general example would be: C6-H10-O5

    adorable :drink some powerade!


    My wise words of advice:

    On erev YK, eat, eat and EEEAT till your STUFFED!!!!…


    ….what?? it’s a mitzvah, no??


    minyan gal

    PB; It sounds as if you should not be fasting at all. There must be some reason for the extreme side effects that you suffer and, as others have said, you should definitely have it checked out. Perhaps you should speak with your Rabbi before YK. He may advise you not to fast until you find out what is causing this problem. You would then be able to attend shul and feel the wonderful awe of the day.

    600 kilo bear: you should definitely not be using (or mis-using) Immodium. You could cause a bowel obstruction, particularly if you have ever had any abdominal surgery – even an appendectomy as a child. Did you thoroughly read the label. It is not to be used except for its indicated purpose. Also, using an unapproved (in N. America) medication that you purchase from a possibly questionable source can also be very dangerous. To risk your health in order to have an easier fast is not the right thing to do. If you can’t fast, don’t – but don’t endanger yourself to do it.


    Baal- that makes it harder to fast.



    “Complex carbohydrates” are foods with large amounts of complex carbohydrates include legumes, starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn, rice and grain products. Other vegetables such as green beans, broccoli and spinach contain less starch, but they have more fiber.

    Complex carbohydrates should supply about half the calories in your diet; however, the best complex carbohydrates come from legumes, vegetables, breads, pasta and cereals.

    Choose 100% whole wheat or 100% whole grain brad cereal and pasta products over refined flour products because they contain more fiber. “The extra fiber slows down the absorption of the carbohydrates so you feel full longer” and be less likely to over-eat throughout the day.


    Have an easy fast!

    Also, see THIS [closed] thread or THIS one.

    May Moshiach come first!!

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