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    I saw some ads for local hardware/houseware stores that they are selling a water heater for a shower. This sounds too cool, instead of having to wait an hour or two for the boiler to kick in and heat up the water every time someone wants to take a shower. I imagine it will cost less to run than the boiler being on for so long besides for the convenience involved.

    However I do not know anyone who ever used it and I want to make sure it really works.Does anyone have this or know anything about it?


    We purchsed one a Tadmur, but we moved. It worked great. If the water is freezing it may not completely heat with a strong water flow, but will heat with a weak flow. Definitely should save money.

    Uses high wattage, so you will need to make sure there is enough power.


    Yes, it is called an Atmor, and it is carried by some hardware stores. The serious plumbing suppliers wont touch them. My info is that they are too small a heating element in a very tight heat exchanger and they succumb to avnit (scale corrosion) in no time. In areas with soft water,( NOT HERE!) it is a legitimate product called a point of use (POU) water heater. If you have enough watts going into it, and dedicated piping, it will give a fixed flow rate enough for a shower.

    twisted,plumber in Jerusalem


    SP, also if you need real long to heat the boiler, the heating element is bad (overcooked and cased in avnit) A new goof himum in a 150 tank should heat it in half an hour. With some sun input, it is even faster, but the life of an element is about three years.


    We had one many years ago that did not last very long or work very well. It’s very possible that they make them better now or that we just did not have the best kind.


    And ditto twisted–changing the guf chimum makes a world of a difference. The recommendation is to change it once a year. When ours is new, 15 minutes is usually enough for a hot shower. Our is currently overdue for a change, and when it’s cold and rainy, it can take an entire hour to heat enough water for one shower.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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