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    I am looking to invest in a set of shita mekubeztes. There are many out there (Bloom, Oz Vhadar, JB, Berman, Brachman)…does anyone if one of these are particularly better than the rest?

    Also, I want to buy a set of Ritvas and Rashbas (Rav Kook is too expensive, so aside from that) are there any particularly good ones?



    Machon Yerushalmi


    My husband says that if you can’t afford the Mossad HaRav Kook for the Rashbas and Ritvas, either hold off altogether, or buy the cheapest set you can find in the meantime. The Rav Kook set is really, truly worth it and no other set is comparable. The footnotes and annotations of the Mossad HaRav Kook Rashbas and Ritvas are written by serious talmidei chachamim and add, k’vyachol, nearly as much to one’s understanding of the Gemara as the Rishonim themselves do. Look in particular at the Ritva on Yevamos, which is two very thick volumes in which the commentary greatly exceeds the text of the Ritva.

    As for the shita mekubetzes, I’m not familiar with the different sets so unfortunately I can’t make a recommendation. But I’m curious: why do you want one? It’s not difficult to obtain the basic Rishonim al haShas (Ramban, Rashba, Ritva, Ran, etc) and the Rishonim quoted in the shita mekubetzes are much less likely to be brought down l’maaseh.


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    achosid, I think you might owe someone an apology.

    Jfem is indeed a lady, it would seem. And this is hardly the first time she piped up on a topic involving halacha, sefarim, and the like, b’sheim her husband.

    Not being one of those iluiim (How DO you spell that?? Jfem, maybe your husband knows?) who can quote CR threads chapter and verse, I can’t back myself up with direct quotations. But I’m sure someone else will.



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    Achosid, why the unwarranted cynicism? Jfem seems very legit.


    golfer- Iluyim, as with any other transliteration can be spelled howerver it sounds (eg Illuyim, Iluyim etc. are all correct).


    If you can’t afford the MHK Ritva, then it’s probably K’dai to save up for one. The Rashba it’s not so necessary for and any Rashba set is pretty good.


    The MHK Ritva is by far the best one, based on the best girsaot.


    Ok. So I guess I’ll build up my library with the Rav Kook editions.

    Also, in terms of Pnei Yehoshua, theres many such as: Ohr Hachochma (which seems to have some commentary on the bottom), Machon Hamaor (also has footnotes on the bottom), Talmon, Yarid Seforim…does anyone have any they would recommend?

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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