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    Shalom uvrocho

    I am looking into grants to acquire an AED device for my shul.

    Do any of you have any leads?

    Every moysed should have an AED and people who know how to use it. It’s an extraordinary life-saving device. Hopefully this thread will help not only me but others who would like to have an AED in their shul/cheder/yeshiva/etc


    The current federal and state grants for “security” do NOT authorize funding for emergency health care devices or services. Check with your local EMS or Hatzalah since they might be aware of any local programs offering financial assistance. However, the costs of defibrillators have come down substantially and a good quality “new” device can be purchased for only $1500 or $2,000 and a refurbished one for $1,000. This should be within the range of most shuls and shtieblach.


    How much do they cost?


    YES! There sure is, some grants for FREE AEDs, we believe that there are lots of generous people Willing to help you acquire an AED device, (Shuls are most of the time granted by their own Shull members – mispallelim) Please note that grants often change, and may no longer be a viable source of assistance,
    • Following is one site,
    To apply go to,
    Fill out an application,
    To be eligible for a grant from Hopey’s Heart Foundation, you must be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization or a government entity (including a public school or school district). AEDs are awarded quarterly.
    Valero Energy Foundation makes grant funding available to non-profits that align with its main areas of focus: basic needs, education, healthcare, and civic. An AED may fall under the healthcare focus. Eligibility: 501(c)(3) non-profits, Located near one of Valero’s major service areas.
    The Lowe’s Community Partners grant program supports nonprofits and municipalities on projects including technology upgrades and safety improvements. An AED may qualify for either of those categories. Grant amount: $2,001 – $100,000 Must be in a location where there is a Lowe’s store, runs on spring and fall cycles, The review process takes 90 days from the cycle close date, and applicants will receive a status email after the review is completed.


    have 20 people pony up 75 dollar and you are done


    Not every Shull have 20 people pony up 75 dollar and you are done, maybe it’s time to do a kind of a Citywide campaign so every Hemisha shull in the tristate, should have at least 1 AED, and a first aid box, (for ex. Tylenol, bandages, Bacitracin, Etc.,) Good idea, Hu? I’m ready to help in such a campaign,
    If anyone wants to organize an AED drive should please message on the platform, and/or if anyone wants to be Menadev, should please message here,
    Thank you all, Tizki L’mitsvos,


    Each shul can / should do the own, $1000 -1500 is small potatoes if there is a will there is a way.

    hashem says no

    @commonsaychel. you are a small potato. if you know what I mean.


    and to you; small potato, you be manadev the first one, Tizku Lmitzvos,


    We should do an EAD Drive in BP first, let’s see how it goes, and we will take it from there to other Yiddish neighborhoods,
    I’m sure Met Council or even Red Cross shall have such a Federal Grant for such kind of drive, the same as they did on Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors, most people don’t even know that there exists such a grant, I called up Red Cross, they came 2 2 story apartment, they installed about outside of each room a detector free of charge,


    Hello Chusheva Yidden.
    I am looking into grants to acquire an AED device and a full First-aid kit for all Shuls and Mosdos in Brooklyn, does anyone have any leads?
    Every mossed should have an AED and people who know how to use it. It’s an extraordinary life-saving device,
    We should do a “Brooklyn” campaign so every Hemisha shull and Mossed in the tristate, should have a First-aid Kit including an AED, and a Hatzalah Emergency Phone, I’m ready to help,


    I will donate the plaque with the Hatzloahs number on it


    The non-for-profit organization, https://www.hopeysheart .org/aed-grant-program/


    GH let the men do the talking. Stay in your lane.


    forget the AED, is there a grant to get decent coffee in the Kava Steeble?



    Acquiring an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for your shul is a commendable initiative to ensure the safety of your community members. There are several avenues you can explore to secure grants for obtaining an AED device:

    Government Grants: Check with your local government or relevant health departments. They might offer grants or funding opportunities for public safety initiatives, including acquiring AED devices.

    Nonprofit Organizations: Many nonprofit organizations and foundations focus on health and safety initiatives. Look for organizations that support community health, emergency response, or medical equipment access. They might offer grants or assistance for obtaining AED devices.

    Healthcare Providers: Some hospitals or healthcare organizations have community outreach programs that provide AEDs to community centers, schools, and religious institutions. Reach out to nearby medical facilities to inquire about potential grants or partnerships.

    Emergency Medical Services (EMS): Local EMS providers might offer grants, training, or resources for organizations looking to improve their emergency response capabilities.

    Corporate Grants and Sponsorships: Some companies have corporate social responsibility programs that provide funding for community projects. Reach out to local businesses, especially those with a focus on health and safety, to see if they would be willing to sponsor or provide a grant for an AED device.

    Community Foundations: Research community foundations in your area that support projects related to health, safety, or community well-being. They might have grant opportunities available.

    Religious Organizations: There are religious organizations and charities that specifically support other religious institutions. Check if there are any that align with your shul’s goals and mission.

    Crowdfunding: Consider setting up a crowdfunding campaign on platforms like GoFundMe or Kickstarter. This allows you to reach out to your community and beyond to raise funds for the AED.

    When applying for grants, make sure to thoroughly research the requirements and guidelines of each grant opportunity. Prepare a compelling proposal that outlines the importance of having an AED in your shul, how it will benefit the community, and how you plan to maintain and train individuals in its use.

    Remember that the availability of grants may vary depending on your location and the specific organizations in your area. It’s a good idea to reach out to your local community leaders, healthcare professionals, and emergency services for advice and potential leads on available grants.

    Yeshivish Chesed

    NYS Residents: you or your organization can receive a $500 Tax Credit for each AED Purchase:

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