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    After reading some of the threads on YCR, I’m interested in hearing from those living in E”Y who made aliyah, specifically in terms of before vs. after, concerning your davening, minhagim, etc.

    For example – not long after we made aliyah, I sat down with the Rav of our shule and asked him about things like pronouncing words when davening, tefillin on chol hamoed, etc.

    I asked if I should switch my davening to a Sefardi pronunciation, and he said no, I should stick with my Ashkanazi pronunciation. He said that too many people try to switch and end up mispronouncing words, so it’s better to stick with what I’m used to doing. Besides, the people who daven in the shule don’t care, and there are several people who daven for the amud using the Ashkanazi pronunciations.

    I asked about which nusach I should daven, since I came from davening nusach Ashkenaz and all the shules here are nusach Sefard. My rav said it was a matter of personal preference; he continues to daven Ashkenaz, while some of his sons daven Ashkenaz and some daven Sefard. I personally decided to daven Ashkenaz, not only because I want to daven what the vast majority of the people in the shule daven, but because the majority of the shules and minyanim in E”Y daven Sefard as well.

    I asked about tefillin on Chol Hamoed, and he said that I should stop wearing them. The vast majority of men on the yishuv do not wear tefillin on Chol Hamoed. (This past Sukkot, I noticed one bachur wearing them, and he was a visitor.)

    So, for those of you who made aliyah, what is your experience in these areas?


    I didn’t change much. Although in EY there is a tendency to follow minhag haGra on certain things (but not all), for example the shir shel yom on yamim tovim is different, omitting v’shamru on Friday night, no tefillin on chol hamoed, even ashkenazim say ein kelokeinu/pitom haketores on weekdays, etc).

    I am not sure where you live – but in my neighborhood I would say half the shuls daven ashkenaz (including mine) and half sfard.


    I live on a yishuv with 5 shules – two are dati leumi, general Ashkznaz types, one is Sefardi, one is Teimani, and one Chabad. The davening is still the same basic style we had in America,except for the nusach (and it’s faster!).


    Aside from minhagei Hagra, I haven’t change hardly anything. The standard tefillah from Tefilat Kol Peh, where there are a few minor changes, no tefillin during Chol Hamoed. In Chareidi-Yeshiviish areas no one changes their pronunciation.


    1. Don’t change your pronunciation at all.

    2. Daven nusach ashkenaz. If you are a shliach tzibbur, do whatever the gabbai tells you to do.

    3. Stop wearing tefillin on chol hamoed.

    4. Don’t you dare keep two days yomtov, there is only one.

    5. If you make a bris, say shehecheyanu.

    6. If you lein, make two brachos before reading megillos Rus, Shir hashirim and Kohelles.


    we didn’t change anything. we are sephardi and do the same things here as there except for the obvious aspect of one day yom tovs!


    the bracha is made on ALL megillos if read from klaf. FOr this reason many have the minhag not to lein eicha from Klaf


    Why would you want to change your pronunciation and deliberately mispronounce davening? (As defined by your mesorah.)


    one minute, i thought you always make shehecheyanu on a bris, no?

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