After millions spent on promotion why are 30% of seats unsold?

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    The Truth

    It’s just a big fundraiser for Agudah and a way for them to try and make themselves relevant. It’s not even about finishing Shas- “”Everybody is a Mesayim” is a way to get more people to come. It should be a Simcha for this amazing people who never missed a day in over 7 years.


    How many people do you think never missed a day in over 7 years?


    Truth: If the Agudah restricted attendance to only those who actually learned the entire 2,711 blat of Talmud, they could hold the siyum in the visiting team’s locker room.


    GH: Don’t project your own inadequacies on the large tzibbur which accomplishes way more in Torah than you give them credit for.


    People have good intentions. Harav Schorr said ברכות לערנען אללע. אבער שבת גייט מען שלאפפען. Which means that the first 3 months people are in it but Shabbas they go to sleep.


    Renting Met Life probably costs about 1.5 Million. Even if they spend another million on this event that is 2.5 million. If they have 85,000 seats, they can sell them at $35 a seat to cover the cost no problem. If they are getting on average $50 a seat they have an extra 1.7 million after the above costs. So even if costs were 2 million in addition to the rental there is little to no financial reason (in terms of the siyum itself) to charge these rates. It is obvious this has become a gigantic fund-raiser for Agudah. Not against supporting Agudah but perhaps attempting to guilt Yidden into attended a siyum, which instead of being a “siyum” has now become the next commercialized thing (a la Oorah’s chinese auction), not surprising to see people a little hesitant to shell out the money to be part of it. At least Oorah convinces you, you can win prizes and you get a stupid DVD. Here you have to listen to speeches about how great it is for Klal Yisroel to join together, while thinking in the back of your mind, “well perhaps make it more inclusive and do your fund-raising elsewhere.” Definitely promoting the private boxes and the special level of access you get if you pay excessive amounts for seats is a turn-off as well. Klal Yisroel’s siym has inevitably clearly become just another commercial event where you pay to play. Yeah, I know in the past you also had more expensive seats, but somehow I don’t recall them being promoted like they are now.

    Next, Yeshiva dinners will have special cordoned off sections with better food for those who pay more. The Yeshiva’s will still reach out to their alumni begging you to join just to show your support.

    Before you think my issue is envy, it is not. I have no problem paying for nice seats, rather it is simply a distaste for the commercialization of religion.


    Follow-up to my prior comment (assuming it gets posted)… this is the direct description from Agudah’s website for the $1,800 section…

    “The Amudei HaSiyum club seats offer the ultimate Siyum experience. Enjoy executive-level amenities, including VIP parking, security lanes, and entrances, and access to the exclusive Coaches Club. Stretching more than 18,000 square feet, the fully-heated Coaches Club provides unmatched panoramic views of the program and stage, dozens of video monitors throughout, and exclusive ground-level access. The upscale ambience and exceptional sightlines of the clubs will take your Siyum experience to the next level.

    As an Amud HaSiyum, you will receive access to the fully-catered, spacious interior of the Coaches Club with other dignitaries, to elevate The Siyum for yourself and your family. Amudei HaSiyum VIP seats come with easy access to dancing, and are wide and padded, so that you can enjoy The Siyum in comfort at $1,800 per seat.”

    I think I can pass on this and elevate myself other ways.


    frumtd- Why are you assuming the cost of renting Metlife at $1.5M on New Years Day, with staff, security, maintenance, etc. Sounds like a real bargain.


    sort of a useless conversation. This is Agudah’s event and they are free to price the tickets as they see appropriate. I’m certain they have adequate input from both rabbanim and askanim with daas torah as to how they should price the event to make it accessible to as many as possible while covering their costs and raising funds for their other programs. If you don’t like it, stay home and watch the webcast or schedule your own siyum for July 2027 and start learning today. In the immortal words of Agudah’s chief of staff, “This is how Siyums have always been done….. GET OVER IT”.


    Gadolhadorah-if it was so simple as that you dont want to go dont come you would be right.
    however the average guy is being bombarded with adds telling him that they will be the only one of their neighbors to miss out on a once on lifetime event.


    “miss out on a once on lifetime event”. Same line was used in 2012 by the previous siyum.


    That was the once in a lifetime event known as the 12th siyum hashas. This will be the once in a lifetime event of the 13th siyum hashas.

    Reb Eliezer

    By taking part in the siyum is considered like learning as the GRA explains as the hidden part of siyum letters is the same as the revealed part. סמך יוד ו’ו מ’מ – ס-מך, י-וד, ו-ו, מ-מ.


    is worth having this thread just to get ” input from both rabbanim and askanim with daas torah as to how they should”
    from you of all people On the one hand
    while on the other
    incorrect thoroughly
    Agudah has claimed to be far bigger than their own organization &
    the morning after the event they will do so again
    they always claim that they’re just a means
    they’re not a self-perpetuating Organization just in of itself!
    and people have given their Blood Sweat and toil for them because of that
    and they become what they become because of those people!
    but then though the Company party turn around & are allowed to use this
    trope when it suits them?!


    Youngerman123 – I based it off what others mention is the cost of renting the place out for concerts and other events. No reason to think it would be more than that.

    Gadolhador – They can charge what they want. No complaint with that. Rather I am pointing out that it seems they are commercializing religion here. Whatever, I get it that those who pay more money or have money get feted by various events and whatnot, but I just don’t recall seeing it approaching this level of being in your face. And of course, the choice to go or not is mine. As to having adequate input from Ashkonim or Rabbonim, not going down that rabbit hole. Maybe this is just my opinion, but I think many of these institutions are run opaquely with little transparency or accountability.


    Eliezer when was the lost you went to a simcha and the bal simcha charged you to attend


    Why did they book the Barclays Center if 30 percent of the seats are still unsold?


    “How many people do you think never missed a day in over 7 years?”

    Me. B’H.

    Yabia Omer

    I really really tip my hats to those who do the whole Shas. Day in and day out. Kol hakavod.


    Reb Meir Shapiro the Shotzer Illuy was the one who stressed that the daf yomi is not just learning shas for yourself. It is about the socialization and globalization of the daf. In plain language it is the tummel of the daf. I am sure that the next
    machzor of lomdim will be much bigger in quality and quantity. Whether Chabad and Satmar join or not it is the pride of the Agudah to memorialize the limud hadaf. I remember the Gerrer shtibel on the west side. Right before leining. the daf. The Y.I. of Mosholu Parkway the daf. and much much more. Yasher Koach Agudah.


    “Definitely promoting the private boxes and the special level of access you get if you pay excessive amounts for seats is a turn-off as well.”
    Turns you off? You’r a Socialist? Wake up and smell the roses. THAT’S LIFE!

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